About Canvas Host

davidHi there!

If you’re reading this, then our story matters to you, and that matters to us.

I built my first website in 1997 and picked a local hosting provider. I soon grew tired of their customer support. I would call up and wait on hold forever. When I finally got through, the call was impersonal and scripted. I wanted to be known by my name and not an identification number. I couldn’t even tell if anyone cared that my website was down.

The experience taught me that the human element was missing from web hosting. I sought to create a company that would bring humanity back to a complicated, technical business. I envisioned a team of real people that would serve as a bridge between all the technical details, and all the real world things affecting you daily. My company would literally be the fibers that would weave it all together for you.

I founded my company in 2002, and today it is known as Canvas Host. In the years since, we’ve become a recognized leader in sustainable, environmentally-conscious web hosting. A certified B Corporation and Oregon benefit company, we aim to create a public benefit through our operations, but more importantly, we’re credentialed and are walking the walk. We tend to avoid marketing hype and let the honesty of our service speak for itself. We’re doing excellent work, and though we may not be perfect, we’re the real deal.

Every member of our team has a story, but you won’t find them posted here. Instead, I want to invite you to reach out. Call us up. Email us. Drop by our office. Have a beer or wine or cider or coffee with us. Get to know us and you’ll see what makes us different. We’re genuine, authentic, caring people, and we’d love to work with you.

I’m a father of three young men, a devoted husband, a passionate artist, and a distance runner. I’m also an Eagle Scout, and I was raised to leave this planet better than I found it. Canvas Host has helped me pursue my dreams, while helping customers realize their own. It’s a beautiful thing when a company can create positive change.

So tell me… How can we help you?


David Anderson, Owner