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We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support, and it shows -- our customers love us! The following is a real-time output of recent customer feedback we've received.

Date Comments Score
03/29/2017 Upgrade and migration to new server handled with aplomb. Thank you. 10
03/29/2017 Timely and clear response. It was a simple fix. 10
03/28/2017 Timely update and contact. 10
03/25/2017 nailed it... 10
03/24/2017 Alway appreciated 10
03/24/2017 Very good, responsive, and helpful. 8
03/24/2017 Excellent, knowledgeable, quick to respond. 10
03/23/2017 Very helpful and fast. Thanks! 10
03/22/2017 Prompt response. Thanks! 10
03/20/2017 His answer was prompt and answered my question. 10
03/20/2017 Chris did very very well. He should be given the rest of the day off. 10
03/18/2017 Tom has helped me a great deal. Honestly, because I've made several calls, I can't remember specifically what happened 15 days ago. 10
03/17/2017 Chris was excellent. 10
03/16/2017 Quick and courteous response. Always a pleasure to work with Lawrence. 10
03/11/2017 I don't know who did what. As far as I know, the problem has been resolved. 10
03/11/2017 I don't know who did what. As far as I know, the problem has been resolved. 10
03/08/2017 Fine. 10
03/05/2017 My request was handled promptly with a clear and straightforward response. Thank you! 10
03/04/2017 Quick, competent, compassionate service! 10
03/02/2017 always super fast response - thank you! 10
02/28/2017 I assume 10 is the best. Fast and accurate response. Always great service. 10
02/28/2017 Quick response, thorough information, solved the issue 10
02/27/2017 Always a delight!! 10
02/25/2017 Lawrence and Lyzaia both went to great lengths to help me. My questions/issues were probably "newbie" level but they treated me respectfully and helped me beyond what I was even aware I needed. 10
02/25/2017 Same as above. 10
02/25/2017 Thank you for your prompt attention resolving this issue! 8
02/24/2017 Tom was very helpful. When I called I wasn't even sure that what I was asking was appropriate, but Tom listened well and gave me the information I needed. 10
02/24/2017 Tom couldn't solve the issue, unfortunately, and I learned that my CH backups are too infrequent so I will need to do more myself. What Tom did do, better than anyone I've previously dealt with at Canvas Host, was: - Respond promptly and professionally - Look for non-obvious solutions - Communicate clearly and empathetically Please use Tom as a role model for others in the organization. I have high standards and do not praise lightly or disingenuously. 9
02/22/2017 It was a mistake on our part. 10
02/20/2017 Lawrence was very patient and thorough. He's a real pro. 10
02/20/2017 Very prompt response on a Sunday. We appreciate it. 10
02/20/2017 Very prompt response on a Sunday. We appreciate it. 10
02/20/2017 Fine. 10
02/19/2017 Simple accurate timely response! 10
02/16/2017 Chris did great. 10
02/15/2017 Super fast, and easy, and courteous. Thank you so much! 10
02/13/2017 She responded promptly to a website being down, and this was quickly resolved. 10
02/10/2017 awesomely as always! Thanks Lawrence! 10
01/31/2017 Well, I asked for 75 slots, Chris set it to infinite. Woot. 10
01/28/2017 Very quick and thorough response. Thanks so much 10
01/28/2017 Very quick and thorough response. Thanks so much 10
01/27/2017 I am presuming 10 is a high rating? Your scale is not explained. 10
01/26/2017 Tom Craig performed the task brilliantly. His response made me realize the error I had made, and I fixed the issue by simply duplicating the exact situation from before the failure mode occurred. (so you know, when I installed the certificate improperly, while the Apache standard port 81 etc stuff was fine, the Cpanel 2087 etc ports were using a Self Signed Cert, which the PCI DSS scan went bananas over. I bought a more reputable certificate, and installed it very deliberately, Cpanel applied to to the login screens. Should pass the next scan.) This is why i rent your PCI DSS server.. the support staff. Worth every cent. I'll write a testimonial anytime. 10
01/24/2017 Tom was really quick in responding to my website downtime problem, had it up and running again in no time and provided excellent information as to the reason - basically that Canvas Dreams are doing a top job keeping hackers out. I was editing the homepage of the website and it was flagged up. I'm delighted we have such tight security. Thanks Tom. 10
01/24/2017 Very pleased! Tom replied extremely quickly and thoroughly. I felt I was totally supported and in competent care. Quite impressed! 10
01/20/2017 Quickly - thanks! 10
01/20/2017 great service 10
01/17/2017 Love working with Chris! Responds quickly and clearly. Most helpful! 10
01/14/2017 Prompt, courteous, & effective 10
01/14/2017 Tom was very prompt, professional, patient with me, knowledgable and gave me the confidence to know that all was going to be managed effectively with a migration to another server. Much appreciated. Thanks Tom. 10