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We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support, and it shows -- our customers love us! The following is a real-time output of customer feedback we've received.

Date Comments Score
03/25/2017 nailed it... 10
03/24/2017 Alway appreciated 10
03/24/2017 Very good, responsive, and helpful. 8
03/24/2017 Excellent, knowledgeable, quick to respond. 10
03/23/2017 Very helpful and fast. Thanks! 10
03/22/2017 Prompt response. Thanks! 10
03/20/2017 His answer was prompt and answered my question. 10
03/20/2017 Chris did very very well. He should be given the rest of the day off. 10
03/18/2017 Tom has helped me a great deal. Honestly, because I've made several calls, I can't remember specifically what happened 15 days ago. 10
03/17/2017 Chris was excellent. 10
03/16/2017 Quick and courteous response. Always a pleasure to work with Lawrence. 10
03/11/2017 I don't know who did what. As far as I know, the problem has been resolved. 10
03/11/2017 I don't know who did what. As far as I know, the problem has been resolved. 10
03/08/2017 Fine. 10
03/05/2017 My request was handled promptly with a clear and straightforward response. Thank you! 10
03/04/2017 Quick, competent, compassionate service! 10
03/02/2017 always super fast response - thank you! 10
02/28/2017 I assume 10 is the best. Fast and accurate response. Always great service. 10
02/28/2017 Quick response, thorough information, solved the issue 10
02/27/2017 Always a delight!! 10
02/25/2017 Lawrence and Lyzaia both went to great lengths to help me. My questions/issues were probably "newbie" level but they treated me respectfully and helped me beyond what I was even aware I needed. 10
02/25/2017 Same as above. 10
02/25/2017 Thank you for your prompt attention resolving this issue! 8
02/24/2017 Tom was very helpful. When I called I wasn't even sure that what I was asking was appropriate, but Tom listened well and gave me the information I needed. 10
02/24/2017 Tom couldn't solve the issue, unfortunately, and I learned that my CH backups are too infrequent so I will need to do more myself. What Tom did do, better than anyone I've previously dealt with at Canvas Host, was: - Respond promptly and professionally - Look for non-obvious solutions - Communicate clearly and empathetically Please use Tom as a role model for others in the organization. I have high standards and do not praise lightly or disingenuously. 9
02/22/2017 It was a mistake on our part. 10
02/20/2017 Lawrence was very patient and thorough. He's a real pro. 10
02/20/2017 Very prompt response on a Sunday. We appreciate it. 10
02/20/2017 Very prompt response on a Sunday. We appreciate it. 10
02/20/2017 Fine. 10
02/19/2017 Simple accurate timely response! 10
02/16/2017 Chris did great. 10
02/15/2017 Super fast, and easy, and courteous. Thank you so much! 10
02/13/2017 She responded promptly to a website being down, and this was quickly resolved. 10
02/10/2017 awesomely as always! Thanks Lawrence! 10
01/31/2017 Well, I asked for 75 slots, Chris set it to infinite. Woot. 10
01/28/2017 Very quick and thorough response. Thanks so much 10
01/28/2017 Very quick and thorough response. Thanks so much 10
01/27/2017 I am presuming 10 is a high rating? Your scale is not explained. 10
01/26/2017 Tom Craig performed the task brilliantly. His response made me realize the error I had made, and I fixed the issue by simply duplicating the exact situation from before the failure mode occurred. (so you know, when I installed the certificate improperly, while the Apache standard port 81 etc stuff was fine, the Cpanel 2087 etc ports were using a Self Signed Cert, which the PCI DSS scan went bananas over. I bought a more reputable certificate, and installed it very deliberately, Cpanel applied to to the login screens. Should pass the next scan.) This is why i rent your PCI DSS server.. the support staff. Worth every cent. I'll write a testimonial anytime. 10
01/24/2017 Tom was really quick in responding to my website downtime problem, had it up and running again in no time and provided excellent information as to the reason - basically that Canvas Dreams are doing a top job keeping hackers out. I was editing the homepage of the website and it was flagged up. I'm delighted we have such tight security. Thanks Tom. 10
01/24/2017 Very pleased! Tom replied extremely quickly and thoroughly. I felt I was totally supported and in competent care. Quite impressed! 10
01/20/2017 Quickly - thanks! 10
01/20/2017 great service 10
01/17/2017 Love working with Chris! Responds quickly and clearly. Most helpful! 10
01/14/2017 Prompt, courteous, & effective 10
01/14/2017 Tom was very prompt, professional, patient with me, knowledgable and gave me the confidence to know that all was going to be managed effectively with a migration to another server. Much appreciated. Thanks Tom. 10
01/12/2017 Needed several base touches and diagnostic screens to solve an issue. Lawrence was prompt and thorough. I will say that in the past, I've been disappointed with support from CH. Keep up this good work! 10
01/10/2017 we're good, thanks 10
01/09/2017 quick response....thanx 10
01/06/2017 Rated 10, but must state caveat. Mr. Hearn was helpful and polite, and got to my ticket right away. I do appreciate that. The caveat is that it's a technical issue that I can't evaluate, and from where I sit I cannot confirm that it was done right. But I'm sure it was done right, cuz you guys always do. 10
01/05/2017 Chris was very responsive to my billing concern and resolved the issue quite rapidly. 10
01/03/2017 Great! 10
01/03/2017 Great! 10
01/03/2017 Your response time is great. The instructions are very clear. 10
12/27/2016 promptly! 10
12/27/2016 You guys are great! I had a concern and he answered in less than an hour and said my account will be monitored for problems. Great service! 10
12/27/2016 Efficient, timely help. Thanks. 10
12/27/2016 Efficient, timely help. Thanks. 10
12/22/2016 Provided me the correct info and steps to get what I needed. Thanks! 9
12/16/2016 fast response - helping me to understand how to solve the problem 10
12/16/2016 super fast response - allowing me to resolve the issue very quickly 10
12/09/2016 Very fast service and helpful followup note. Good Job. 10
12/07/2016 Super quick response and resolution. 10
12/06/2016 Prompt. Solved my problem. 10
11/30/2016 Thanks Kris 10
11/30/2016 Very well, thanks. 10
11/26/2016 Chris got back to me really fast- which I so appreciated and gave me the exact information I requested. 10
11/26/2016 very quick reply. thank you.. 10
11/26/2016 Beautifully and made me want to move to Scotland :-) 10
11/26/2016 immediate help thank you 10
11/21/2016 Beautifully! Found the problem quickly and resolved it quickly! 10
11/15/2016 Site was back up and running. 10
11/15/2016 Site was back up and running. 10
11/11/2016 Hi, Lawrence responded quickly to my request for help. However, after his response I did not receive any follow up and had to write another note three days later. 8
11/11/2016 Chris responded quickly to my second cry for help, and followed through with me until we had completed everything that was able to be done to remedy the situation. 9
11/09/2016 Lawrence did exactly what I needed, quickly and efficiently. Thank you so much. 10
11/07/2016 Excellent. 10
11/07/2016 Also excellent. 10
11/07/2016 Chris helped me the most. I honestly can't believe how easy it was to get my hosting account switched, with the credit applied towards my new invoice. Plus he got it all done so quickly. Efficient and just superb. 10
11/07/2016 Fast and accurate. 10
11/07/2016 Excellent. I was able to use my PayPal account instead of giving my credit card information which I was reluctant to show. 10
11/05/2016 Prompt and clear. 10
11/01/2016 Much faster than I expected - it wasn't urgent so I marked it as low priority 10
10/26/2016 Prompt reply, late at night. Issue fixed quickly. Thanks a million! 10
10/24/2016 Tom was very helpful and I appreciate his friendly Scottish service. :) 10
10/23/2016 Lawrence got my IP unblocked right away with out any issues. I was half expecting to get the 3rd degree on why my IP got blocked in the first place but I didnt he just got me taken care of. 10
10/23/2016 The information Tom provided was extremely helpful. It has lead me in the right direction to fix our loading issues. 10
10/23/2016 Answered all my questions promptly and clearly. Much appreciated! 10
10/21/2016 Fast and got it fixed! 10
10/21/2016 It was a quick issue of giving my web person access to FTP files. He handled it right away and issue was solved without delay. 10
10/20/2016 Less than an hour response time. Pretty good, sure it would be faster, giving it as possibly being a busy business/company. 8
10/19/2016 Chris responded in a very quick and professional manner. It was handled exactly as expected. 10
10/18/2016 Great, prompt service as always. You guys have been a pleasure to deal with since day 1. 10
10/13/2016 Tom is consistently super responsive and helpful. 10
10/12/2016 Pretty good. 9
10/12/2016 Pretty good. 9
10/12/2016 Took control of issue and resolved it quickly. 10
10/12/2016 Responses were prompt. Answers were concise, which is mostly good. My follow-up questions were answered. The main improvement would be for the responses to offer a little more substance without needing to ask - advice on settings to use or referral to KB documents. 9
10/09/2016 Prompt and precise. 9
10/09/2016 Very helpful with links to the specific knowledge base articles I needed. 9
10/07/2016 10 = Excellent. He was great. Thank you. 10
10/07/2016 I was a little upset when I was informed that my ticket was closed without being responded to, and David handled it personally and professionally. 10
10/07/2016 Lawrence handled this case super fast and took care of the's been really easy to work with Canvas Host, which was part of the reason I chose to have you (so close in Portland and all), host my domain and each time I've had to reach out for support, someone has responded efficiently. Thanks again for your solid work! 8
10/06/2016 Great! Fast service and completed the task I needed done. 10
10/06/2016 Great! Fast service and completed the task I needed done. 10
10/06/2016 Awesome, as usual. Canvas Dreams support is always top notch! 10
10/03/2016 I only talked briefly with Tom but he was sympathetic to my frustrations and instantly made me feel better. 10
10/03/2016 Chris was super nice and really tied to help me but I felt the whole thing ended up being more frustrating then it needed to be. Communication could have been better along the way. And really, if I had been told that I needed to move everything myself (delete our Boodapug and TSC Logos stuff from their respective servers and then added them myself to the Forager Creative server and reset up our emails), it probably would have taken me less time than I spent actually did spend trying to get the Boodapug website working again (turns out not me but permissions wrong on your end) and getting our email to work again. I mean I wasted HOURS. But Chris and you guys at Canvas Dreams have always been so helpful it's hard to give less than an 8. 8
10/01/2016 Lyzaia helped me with all that I needed. My questions were answered, and all is good. Thanks! 10
09/24/2016 so fast response! Thanks.... 10
09/23/2016 It sounds like there was a server-wide problem due to another client. Chris got the server back up quickly and explained the problem to me. 10
09/17/2016 very quick and correct advise 10
09/17/2016 super fast and correct - was able to resole very quickly after advise. 10
09/16/2016 I had an unusual question regarding acquiring a soon-to-expire domain, and Tom was very thorough in answering my questions. 10
09/15/2016 prompt/efficient 10
09/14/2016 Thanks! 10
09/13/2016 Fabulous! I appreciate how patient you all are with we technically challenged. 10
09/13/2016 Super fast reply and was exactly what I needed to know to go forward. 10
09/12/2016 Great promptness and clarity on solution. Great followup. Great overall tone. A++. 10
09/11/2016 In particular, Lyzaia answered my questions (and all their variations) so that I could understand the issues and the solution. I really appreciate the level of support I'm receiving since I'm so new at VPS management. 10
09/11/2016 Similar to my response above - Lawrence has been "bend-over-backwards" patient and helpful with all of my "newbie" questions. 10
09/11/2016 had the information that I needed so that I could correct my problem. 10
09/08/2016 Super fast fix, thanks Lyzaia 10
09/08/2016 Very good help, the issue was resolved quickly. 10
09/08/2016 Very good help, the response was quickly. 10
09/07/2016 Super quick and helpful! 10
08/31/2016 Super quick and had good news to deliver. Glad you guys can make an informed exception when an unexpected policy makes my life more complicated. 10
08/29/2016 handled excellently.. would have been a 10 is billing dept was responding over the weekend ;) 9
08/28/2016 Excellent. As always. 10
08/26/2016 Quickly and efficiently. Thank you! 10
08/25/2016 he was quick and correct! 10
08/25/2016 Awesome as always! 10
08/25/2016 Chris was prompt, courteous... and did exactly what I requested without fuss. Chris made it easy for me! Thank you! 10
08/24/2016 Excellent guidance. Thank you! 10
08/24/2016 Very helpful as always. 10
08/21/2016 Thanks for all the help. 10
08/21/2016 Thanks for moving the sight, but it appears that some item did not get transferred. The ssh jailcell enablement. The ip white list. 9
08/18/2016 Prompt and informative. 9
08/18/2016 Prompt and informative. 9
08/17/2016 He resolved my issue very quickly and effectively. I was very pleased. 10
08/16/2016 Resolved quickly and easily! 10
08/16/2016 Resolved quickly and nicely! 10
08/14/2016 She handled my request very quickly! 10
08/14/2016 Totally clear, fast, and responsive. thanks. 10
08/13/2016 He's always excellent. 10
08/13/2016 Very nice, quick and satisfying. ???? I am happy as always. You guys rock. 10
08/11/2016 All resolved 10
08/11/2016 perfecto as usual 10
08/08/2016 Perfect service. Thanks. 10
08/06/2016 Very well indeed. 10
08/06/2016 As usual Tom dealt with the problem correctly in the moment. 10
08/06/2016 The VPS was restarted a couple of times, and restarting has always temporarily resolved the problem, but I never received any notification of what if any long-term remedial action was taken, so I'm still not confident it won't occur again. 8
07/31/2016 Quickly and efficiently. 10
07/30/2016 Chris did a great job, and dealt with controlscan for me. 8
07/27/2016 Very courteous and helpful. 10
07/20/2016 I hope "10" means "best!" 10
07/18/2016 Lawrence was very helpful in helping me solve my problem, as usual. Very quick service! 10
07/18/2016 Extremely quick service, I really appreciated it! 10
07/18/2016 Awesome. So fast and clear. Thanks! 10
07/16/2016 very prompt, thanks 10
07/12/2016 Fast and helpful response; would just have been nice to know why there was the double failure at your end. 8
07/07/2016 super quick restoration of server 10
07/04/2016 Near immediate response to a situation that was important for us. Very happy and appreciative of her effort. 10
07/01/2016 Tom was very helpful and offered to help me again when I move to my new location. 10
07/01/2016 With patience and finesse 10
06/30/2016 Lyzala was very patient with me (I'm still learning to navigate domain transfers) and helped me quickly and pleasantly. Thank you! 10
06/30/2016 Canvas Host is a pleasure to work with. Chris and others always helped in a very quick and efficient way. Thank you! 10
06/30/2016 It was a simple question, promptly and clearly answered. 10
06/28/2016 My issue was resolved promptly! 10
06/24/2016 Tom was on top of it immediately. My emails quickly reappearedproblem solved! 10
06/24/2016 Helped explain the system that flags these and guided us in what to be concerned about and what not to fret over. Thanks Tom 10
06/22/2016 very quick! 10
06/22/2016 very quick! 10
06/16/2016 Very well, thank you. 10
06/16/2016 Answered and solved in less than 10 minutes. I would say that was great support :) 10
06/15/2016 Handled in a timely way with extra information which allowed me to make a better guess at the cause of the ip blockage. FWIW, it seems that Safari on my Mac had cached information that causes an attempt to view/login to WordPress go into a redirect root. Clearing the history and caches in the Safari made this problem go away. 10
06/15/2016 Thank-you for your help! 10
06/14/2016 fast accurate and polite. 10
06/14/2016 Just what I wanted. Thank you! 10
06/12/2016 Thank you very much, The request was handled completely in an excellent manner. 10
06/06/2016 Fast response to an easy problem. 10
05/30/2016 He asked a number of questions to clarify the issue and then passed it along to the tech staff that needed to fix the problem. 9
05/29/2016 promptly and accurately! 10
05/29/2016 nicely, thanks 10
05/29/2016 Problem solved. Thank you! 10
05/27/2016 Really quick response. 8
05/26/2016 Great response. His 'fix' solved my spam problem immediately. Thank you. 10
05/25/2016 great, finally this has been solved....we've all been trying for a long time to figure it out and I think Tom found the answer, could have been Lawrence, but I know it wasn't I who figured it out.... 10
05/25/2016 great, finally this has been solved....we've all been trying for a long time to figure it out and I think Tom found the answer, could have been Lawrence, but I know it wasn't I who figured it out.... 10
05/23/2016 it seemed to be an error in the billing department, not in the Lawrence Hearn department....all's well now 10
05/22/2016 Sorry for the delay--was in Europe and offline for two weeks 10
05/22/2016 Sorry for the delayed response--was in Europe and offline for two weeks 10
05/22/2016 Sorry for the delay--was in Europe and offline for two weeks 10
05/22/2016 Sorry for the delayed response--was in Europe and offline for two weeks 10
05/20/2016 Lawrence was very patient and handled my problem promptly, walking me through the process as I was unsure of what to do and how to do it. I thanked him profusely at the time for his patience and understanding. 10
05/20/2016 He understood my complicated issue and resolved it quickly, efficiently. He was extremely nice and polite on the phone and totally understanding. Thank you!! I didn't have to wait on hold. It was wonderful!! 10
05/18/2016 I love the customer service at Canvas Host!!!!! You guys are cool. 10
05/17/2016 Great! We're not very IT talented around here. Canvas Dreams understands! 10
05/17/2016 He was short, to the point and clear. 10
05/17/2016 Lyzaia is always very quick to resolve issues and get me the information I need. 10
05/16/2016 with aplomb! 10
05/14/2016 I don't recall hearing directly from Chris, however it is clear that Chris addressed my needs (while I was asleep in london :o) ), given that I was unblocked when arising in the morning....and all worked well. So as a silent partner.......brilliant. 10
05/14/2016 Responsive and timely support. Always, by the way. Thank you all for the solid service and support. It is much appreciated. Tom has supported over time consistently when the need arises, which by the way is not often, as your service is stable! Thank you!!! 10
05/13/2016 Lawrence unblocked our IP as requested, and then I was able to solve the email change. 10
05/13/2016 Excellent, quick and spot on advise by all your reps, as always. 10
05/12/2016 Lawrence has always given us great support and he was right on top of this one. 10
05/11/2016 Very quickly and straight to the point! 10
05/11/2016 Nothing, keep it up! 10
05/11/2016 Tom was very helpful in solving my issue. 10
05/09/2016 Even though he was not able to come up with a solution, it sounds like David did what he could to help us and was excellent at keeping me informed along the way. 9
05/09/2016 Great job of communicating. Professional. The only reason for the 9 rather than a 10 is that we didn't quite get the problem solved. 9
05/09/2016 Great job. Much care given to my 403 error issues. It appears that the website will be back online once I solve the ioncube problem. 10
05/05/2016 Just fine, thanks....there was a non-terrible slip up , in that I was supposed to be told when the move was going to happen so I could be here to deal with un.lasso-ing the form that Marty had done, and use the now available form tools software, but I stumbled into the fact that the form was dead quickly, and gave it the gift of life again, so ho harm, I'm not sure why iI mention it at all worked out nicely....that form tools thing, once you figure it out, is pretty cool. So I think this is done...thanks 10
05/05/2016 Great! Cache cleanup and good old Safari causing problems. Thank you, Chris. 10
05/05/2016 James was prompt in figuring out what to do. Also was customer friendly in his response. 10
05/03/2016 Excellent!! A+ 10
04/29/2016 Lightning fast and thorough. The issues were mine and my lack of understanding of cPanel and Webmail. 10
04/27/2016 Perfectly. 10
04/27/2016 It would be nice to have a phone call or text if a domain payment is due and the auto-pay card has expired, in the future. But I will be sure to keep my email and card updated from now on. :) 10
04/26/2016 Tom was awesome, he was patient with my complete lack of knowledge and jumped in to find a solution to our problem 10
04/26/2016 Perfect! Very clear and speedy. 10
04/25/2016 Fast and accurate! 10
04/25/2016 He clarified the information I sent and then let me know the action was taken. 10
04/24/2016 Perfect! 10
04/24/2016 Lawrence handled my support request promptly and resolved the problem. 10
04/21/2016 exactly what i needed and quickly! 10
04/19/2016 We had a minor miscommunication about transferring old blog posts from Blogger to WordPress. But I managed it myself, so it was no biggie. Other than that, he was very helpful in getting the new website up and running. 9
04/19/2016 Quick and clear response to a fairly simple question. Good job. Thank you. 10
04/18/2016 I got exactly the answer I needed, and it led to a successful interaction with my company's network admin in getting our domains switched to our new dedicated server's IP. 10
04/17/2016 Lawrence solved the problem and I was delighted to see my e-mails at last. It was a matter or proper sign-in. 10
04/17/2016 Lawrence solved the problem and I was delighted to see my e-mails at last. It was a matter or proper sign-in. 10
04/14/2016 Tom pointed me right where I needed to go with his usual great skill and good humor. Much appreciated! 10
04/09/2016 Very prompt and saved me much time and trouble. 10
04/06/2016 all's fine, I'll plan for the demise of Lasso on the form page for, and you'll make it not a surprise when it happens.... thanks 10
04/06/2016 nicely, every bit as good as Chris's help. 10
04/05/2016 perfect and zippy, thank you! 10
04/05/2016 can't imagine any way to get better than it was! 10
04/04/2016 almost immediately, and he had already answered my question , solved my issue, can't do better than that! 10
04/04/2016 can't beat this experience. 10
04/04/2016 Responsive. Needed the help he provided. 9
04/04/2016 So far, so good. I have not called much in the past and was pleased to get the support I needed as I try to develop a Wordpress site on my own. I really didn't know what to expect and was happy to have had my questions answered on-the-spot. 10
03/30/2016 Excellent job. I appreciated that he looked at the data to find out why the usage was so high. 10
03/28/2016 Wonderfully, as always. He's knowledgeable, patient and prompt. 10
03/28/2016 Great! Issue was solved before I could make a cup of tea! 10
03/26/2016 Chris helped with all kinds of questions not strictly related to hosting and tried to help solve various problems-- with Google, Enom, etc. He spent more time than he needed to and allowed me to use office space while I was figuring out answers. So helpful and accommodating. 10
03/22/2016 Promptly 8
03/21/2016 Lawrence is awesome. Really great service, perfectly responsive to my every need. 10
03/21/2016 Excellent and very patient customer service ... and I'm no genius. We love Canvas Dreams in this home! 10
03/20/2016 Very well 10
03/20/2016 Very Well 10
03/18/2016 Excellent! Very quick and thorough. The whole Canvas D. crew seems to be very responsive. 10
03/17/2016 Wonderfully! 10
03/16/2016 Tom handled my request very quickly and correctly. 10
03/16/2016 very nicely, and with aplomb 10
03/15/2016 Prompt, forwarded me to the relevant information, which was clearly written. So both Lyzaia & the authors of the document get props! 10
03/14/2016 Thank you for the great customer support. I didn't get a response on the chat so I called and got my questions answered by Chris. My customer service rating: 5 stars, 10. 10
03/14/2016 I was very impressed by the quick response; James Bell handled my request to my complete satisfaction. Thank you! 10
03/14/2016 Couldn't be any better -- sorry we had to leave. 10
03/13/2016 Response was prompt and accurate. (I had mistaken the billing email for my quarterly, not the domain one, so I'd ignored it at first.) So although it was my oversight, I appreciate the care Canvas Host takes. Thank you. 10
03/13/2016 Very prompt and accurate. 10
03/13/2016 Canvas Host is awesome! Thank you for all the customer support. 10
03/11/2016 with aplomb, as I remember it. 10
03/10/2016 Hi, the help was prompt and helped getting it the transfer worked out== Thank You 10
03/10/2016 Lawrence was great, though maybe the new server idea could have been injected sooner. 8
03/09/2016 Always a pleasure - something about having the personal touch makes all the difference in my confidence handling thse things.Thank you! 10
03/09/2016 Lyzaia McDonald was fantastic. Knew exactly what I needed and helped me to resolve the issue. 10
03/09/2016 It is well documented that my website will not pass a Trustwave scan. Tom sent me a detailed note about the issues and I appreciate the time devoted to my ticket. I will, however, continue to open a new ticket each time I receive the failed scan from Trustwave in the hope that at some point the folks at Canvas Host can convince Trustwave that my website is in compliance. 8
03/09/2016 Very quick response. The problem was Resolved. Thank you 10
03/08/2016 The ticket was handled right away with no fuss. Thank you! 10
03/07/2016 Lyzaia got back to me very promptly & explained in enough detail what was going on. She, like 95% of the support people with whom I've interacted @ CanvasHost, was first-rate. 10
03/07/2016 very well 10
03/07/2016 Very fast response times, and courteous, effective support. 10
03/07/2016 Very fast response times, and courteous, effective support. 10
03/06/2016 Superb 10
03/05/2016 Quick, simple and clear instructions 10
03/05/2016 Again john Boyd Brent dealt directly with Tom. But I also found Tom helpful. There was a lot of confusion getting started with being hosted by Canvashost, and then getting the email working properly. As although things were not changed here, I found eventually that my router was not responding. Once plugged in directly to socket things have now connected up. And Tom gave good advice. 9
03/05/2016 John Boyd Brent dealt with the support: at this stage nothing was working for me on my computer so its difficult for me to rate the support. And at some point a firewall was put up so that confused things for me more. As it was difficult to find out where the problem lay. 10
03/05/2016 I am always pleased with the prompt response I get from Canvas Host. Tom was able to resolve the issue quickly. 10
03/04/2016 Thanks for the quick response, Lawrence. Record time!! I appreciate the fast response and help very much. 10
03/04/2016 Not sure that's possible. Well done. 10
03/03/2016 Outstanding! He provided smart, practical solutions to my issues. It was a pleasure talking with him. I just added a link to Canvas Host in the footer on my web site. See: - - Let me know if this is the best way to describe what you do. 10
03/02/2016 Friendly service. Willing to explain and take the time to insure that I understood what need to be done. 10
03/02/2016 Courteously. Concisely. Excellently. 10
03/02/2016 Tom's always speedy in his response time. Thanks! 10
03/01/2016 a nice job quickly done. 10
03/01/2016 Like an SSL alchemist 10
03/01/2016 Quick and Easy! 10
03/01/2016 Very well and quickly. 10
03/01/2016 Nothing really. Very good as it is. 10
02/29/2016 Tom solved the issue and explained it. 10
02/29/2016 Lawrence quickly unblocked the IP address. 10
02/29/2016 Tom and Lawrence handled things perfectly. 10
02/28/2016 Lawrence was great--really patient over many emails and in the end he was able to diagnose and solve my problem. 10
02/24/2016 Awesome 10
02/23/2016 Tom understood and fixed my problem right away. Can't ask for more! 10
02/23/2016 like a pro 10
02/23/2016 Excellent! Wonderful person! He helped me with every possible detail and followed up expertly! 10
02/23/2016 Really great! He helped out due to the time difference with Tom in Scotland and took a call too. Very patient and very helpful. 10
02/23/2016 fine, as usual. 10
02/23/2016 He responded quickly and was accurate. 10
02/21/2016 He's great. He's helped me several times over the years and is always patient, caring, considerate, has a sense of humor, and always resolves my issue asap.I always have the sense he really cares. 10
02/18/2016 As an online business owner myself I know the importance of excellent customer service so..... THANKS!! 10
02/17/2016 Lawrence has solved this problem for me before. And did again! Thank you to all who were involved and so very responsive! 10
02/16/2016 Chris Kelly handled this request smoothly and with little/no intervention on my part. Even when I refused to provide the account password as requested, the transition was done without it. 10
02/15/2016 Tom never fails to get quickly to the heart of the problem and resolve it. He is outstanding. 10
02/12/2016 Lawrence was responsive, as always, but did overlook / not find the solution until three weeks after the ticket was initially logged. 8
02/10/2016 is 10 the best? Then 10. 10
02/10/2016 no comment. Great job, thanks! 10
02/06/2016 Excellent! Helped me understand what I didn't understand, stayed with me until I did, sent me info my mail and email that I was missing. Awesome! 10
02/03/2016 Prompt, courteous response. Thanks! 10
02/02/2016 Response was quick and answered my question/addressed my concern. 10
01/27/2016 Chris was immediately responsive, helpful, and friendly -- and fun! Howdy! 10
01/27/2016 I didn't talk with Lyzaia as much as Chris, but I appreciated her responsiveness as well. Thank you. 10
01/27/2016 Lawrence - thank you - you've seen this problem before. I'm still not sure what causes it, but I appreciate that you're there and extremely responsive as always. 10
01/27/2016 Can't think of a way. It's always great working with your service reps. Thank you. 10
01/27/2016 Chris was great! and solved problems for me. 9
01/25/2016 Very quick; fixed issue. 10
01/22/2016 Always helpful 10
01/22/2016 Thanks for the support 10
01/22/2016 Just keep doing what you're doing. This will likely be the last website I try to build on my own, but it makes all the difference to be have a support team I can call on to get me out of trouble. Thanks for all the help. 10
01/22/2016 David was thorough and clear in his response. I appreciated getting a reply so quickly. 10
01/22/2016 Chris was thorough and clear in his response. I appreciated getting a reply so quickly. 10
01/22/2016 Cannot think of anything. I got what I needed when I needed it. THANKS Canvashost! 10
01/22/2016 Lawrence provided exactly the information needed to solve our issue. The problem was taken care of quickly and without need for further inquiry. Thank you! 10
01/19/2016 Tom's help was simply an email letting me know the timing of things. I turned out that my domain didn't get transferred as quickly as hoped, because I switched the anonymity of my site on my previous service provider during the process of asking to change hosts. So your service request to ask for them to switch me didn't generate an email to me... Anyhow, I called past provider, they generated emails, I approved, and things got switched over smoothly. 8
01/19/2016 The big help was Lyzaia who was both patient and professional in helping me as I did some of the setup with his help, while on the phone with him. I should have closed out the ticket after that call, as it all got sorted out then. 10
01/18/2016 He was very patient and very respectful, even when I didn't completely understand. He went through multiple back and forth emails, always giving me good answers and helping me to move towards a solution. Everything is working perfectly now! 10
01/18/2016 Just keep on doing what you do! 10
01/14/2016 Tom as always is super awesome and great at solving my issues. 10
01/11/2016 Chris was great! He renewed my SSL certificate and registered it. I didn't have to do anything. Thank you! 10
01/06/2016 Tom is awesome and an asset to your team. He assisted me with changing the name of my URL. He gave me the instructions on how to do it from my side and then I emailed him back once I had done this and he did the amendments from your side and then when I woke up the next day to login into my blog, I had my new URL! Thanks so much Tom and Canvas Host! Theresa 10
01/06/2016 perfectly, thanks. Pointed me to formtools, which probably will work fine once I confront it 10
01/05/2016 Excellent service and information provided. 10
01/05/2016 Excellent! 10
01/05/2016 Tom is extremely fast at fixing my tickets and answers any questions I have. Excellent service :) 10
01/04/2016 Lawrence's response was very quick and he clearly provided me with the info I needed to confirm that my problem had been solved. Thank you! 10
01/04/2016 This was perfect! 10
12/30/2015 Excellent, helped resolve the immediate issue. I didn't fully understand what was going on and or how to get into the guts of the code. 9
12/30/2015 She got me access to the site and controls I needed to better manage the site. 10
12/30/2015 Overall It was really good. I just needed to know what I didn't know. 10
12/28/2015 Lysaia was helpful and went the extra mile to resolved my problem. He didn't get back to me when my website was finally up, but I discovered it was up when a friend told me she used the URL and it redirected as it was supposed to. 8
12/28/2015 Not sure if Lawrence was invloved with directly or worked with Lysaia. My issue was resolved so if he was involved, thank you! 8
12/28/2015 Excellent 10
12/28/2015 No improvement but keep up amazing service 10
12/28/2015 it was fine and relatively quick 9
12/28/2015 add Node.js support to your platform :) 10
12/28/2015 Took care of the issue for me for fast resolution & then explained how I could have taken care of it, so that I had the education as well. Thx! 10
12/21/2015 thanks... if you have any idea how this was caused, I'd be interested....lacking any new info, I'll just keep doing The Usual. I'm wondering if we should put both of Victor's sites on the same machine? and colonialroadmusicpublishing, that is..... but it's all fine now, thanks again 10
12/20/2015 Good support! 9
12/18/2015 Just fine. No problem. 10
12/18/2015 It was just fine. 10
12/17/2015 It was excellent. He was patient and clear with his instructions. 10
12/17/2015 Very prompt. Thanks! 10
12/14/2015 Very responsive and helpful 10
12/11/2015 He was completely wonderful. Over and above! You guys are the best! 10
12/11/2015 Nothing. You are great. I have been spreading the word about you! 10
12/11/2015 Excellent! Quick response, easy to understand, fixed problem. 10
12/11/2015 Easy, fast, no hassle. Thanks! 10
12/08/2015 Listened and handled it 10
12/08/2015 Thanks for your consistent responses and support, Tom! 9
12/07/2015 David Anderson resolved this support request extremely quickly (and I think it would have been on a Sunday there too). 10
12/02/2015 Very helpful, thanks. 10
11/30/2015 I couldn't connect to FTP and thought of a few things on my end that could be causing it, and when correcting them didn't work, Lyzaia had the fine idea of restarting the SSH server, and all was well....Next time I'll remember to put that option in the fix mix for not being able to connect with ftp.I was ready to go to Starbucks to see if, against some evidence, my IP was still blocked. You saved me from having to buy a $20 cup of coffee just to use the wireless... So yes, well done.... as usual. 10
11/30/2015 free hosting for life? Yes, I think that would be a bettering of The Future (for me) Merry Christmas jk 10
11/27/2015 Very Well. 10
11/27/2015 Great. 10
11/27/2015 Most Excellent! 10
11/27/2015 Keep doing what you are doing. 10
11/25/2015 This was great... Chris took care of all the details of the transfer for me and made the process simple! 10
11/25/2015 Lawrence resolved the issue and let me know what the problem was. I appreciated the response and resolution. 9
11/16/2015 Chris' response was quick but thorough. Thanks. 10
11/16/2015 I can't think how it could have been better. 10
11/13/2015 He did great. My questions and comments were addressed almost immediately and I was provided a resolution that solved my issue in a timely manner. 10
11/13/2015 Everything was fine, no ideas for improvement 10
11/12/2015 Quick and accomplished! Thanks!!! 10
11/04/2015 I don't remember my interaction with Lyzala. 9
11/04/2015 James was awesome. No fuss no issues getting server through another PCI scan. I appreciate the dedication to the PCI hosting environment. I know what it is to administer to a standard. Great work, thanks again. 10
11/04/2015 Nothing, keep on keeping on! 10
11/04/2015 Handled it quikly and resolved problem. Very satisfied. Thanks. 10
11/04/2015 solved my issue in one fell swoop, so all good! 10
11/04/2015 keep running on renewables :) 10
11/03/2015 quick response issue resolved thank you 10
11/02/2015 Extremely fast! Quite impressive. Also, clearly communicated what would happen, and when. Could not have asked for a better service experience. 10
11/01/2015 Very well done. No complaints here 10
11/01/2015 Fixed my issue right away and communicated clearly about the situation. 10
11/01/2015 I'm satisfied :-) 10
11/01/2015 Thanks, Tom. Great service as always. 9
10/30/2015 Very quick response. 10
10/30/2015 Perfect. 10
10/30/2015 Very good follow up, helped me a lot. 10
10/30/2015 He really went the extra mile explaining the points I had problems with. Perfect. I am very happy with the customer service. 10
10/30/2015 all good, thank you 10
10/29/2015 Quickly and effectively. I appreciated resolution. 10
10/29/2015 My experience was great. The issue I was dealing with though is recurring, which is that it's really tough to find the c-panel login location. Tom has sent me a url that I've made a favorite, but I would appreciate it if you as partners with C-panel would let them know that this is a problem. Why doesn't the log in show up prominently on the home page to c-panel? Lots of advertising, but I just can't find it. Okay, that's it. I feel better now. Thanks! 10
10/25/2015 Chris gave me exactly what I needed! 10
10/24/2015 Very quickly and directly. 10
10/24/2015 Hire more people like Lawrence! 10
10/23/2015 You have a great customer support system! If I have any problems I call and they are always ready to help. 10
10/22/2015 Amazed at how quickly this was handled, especially given the time of day! 10
10/21/2015 Best support ever. I had a question and I got my answer quickly and thoroughly! Thank you. 10
10/21/2015 Best support ever. I had a question and I got my answer quickly and thoroughly! Thank you. 10
10/20/2015 I assume that 10 is the highest satisfaction. Lyzaia answered my support request very promptly and solved my problem immediately. Thank you! 10
10/20/2015 Prompt reply and good information! Thanks! 10
10/20/2015 Fast, professional, not much more to say. 10
10/20/2015 Nothing really, all is well. 10
10/19/2015 Except for the understandable delay, this was handled excellently, especially since it wasn't really a Canvas Host issue. Thanks to all involved. 10
10/14/2015 A ten as always. Thanks! 10
10/14/2015 Professional and very efficient. Thank you Lawrence. 10
10/14/2015 Keep up the good work. 10
10/12/2015 Handled my immediate needs. 9
10/12/2015 Handled my immediate needs. 9
10/08/2015 Very quick and solve the issue.. nice thank you 10
10/05/2015 Very responsive and helpful. Solution did not fix issue 10
10/05/2015 Very responsive and helpful. Solution did not fix issue 10
10/05/2015 Again very responsive and helpful. Solution immediately fixed problem. 10
10/03/2015 Very Quick and Helpful !! Thank You Lyzaia 10
10/03/2015 Nothing, it was a ID10T issue. A quick phone call resolved an incorrect email. Thank you! 10
10/01/2015 Awesome and super fast, as always. 10
09/30/2015 Quickly and clearly. I've proceeded with the transfer request and will see what happens in terms of when the next renewal is. But so far, this appears to be exactly what I was wanting. 10
09/29/2015 Lyzaia, was great. I was very stressed about the situation and he was calm, cool, and collected. 10
09/28/2015 The request was handled quickly and efficiently, so it was awesome, as usual! 10
09/24/2015 it was taken care of very well we are so pleased with the help we received 10
09/24/2015 just keep doing what your doing it is working well thank you very much 10
09/23/2015 Lyzaia is a model of perfection and wonder. 10
09/23/2015 Clone Lyzaia. 10
09/22/2015 James made me aware of a situation with one of my clients, provided all the data I needed, and was most helpful. There was really nothing more he could have done (thanks James!) 10
09/21/2015 He was very responsive as well as fast. I appreciate his help. 10
09/21/2015 Support was great, thanks! 10
09/19/2015 Lyzaia is good about being available when you need a human. He has been great at tracking me down a Mac helper as that is usually who I need. I can read manuals so reading me Mac stuff from one of yours is not helpful ;) 9
09/19/2015 I am always happy & relieved if Lawrence is available. Top Notch Support. 10
09/19/2015 I am always happy & relieved if Tom is available. Top Notch Support. 10
09/18/2015 Excellent service. Thank you! 10
09/18/2015 Quickly and without annoyance that I was asking something I probably should have been able to solve for myself. Thank you. 10
09/10/2015 Thank goodness you found this exploit -- I can't thank you all enough. Many thanks! 10
09/10/2015 James did an outstanding job supporting my request. A first class experience! 10
09/09/2015 This was a problem regarding website security from our ecommerce host and Canvas Host. Lawrence did a great job helping us with a very technical issue, it was way over our head and he was very knowledgeable. 10
09/09/2015 James is always awesome! He was quick, thorough, amazing. All he did wrong was not send me a Lego set. Now, you may say that's not part of his job, and I would somewhat agree, but I was trying to find a way that service could have been better, and that is all I can come up with. 10
09/08/2015 answered my question clearly and helpfully. thanks for your help! 10
09/08/2015 Tom always does an excellent job! 10
09/05/2015 Gave me the exact answer I needed to fix my problem, and did it quickly. 10
09/01/2015 He answered my question - thank you 9
08/31/2015 Well . there is good news and bad news. The client now has less spam email, but I really do not know what was done, or what i could do to tweak it more. the last time I tried to adjust the Spam Assassin settings, the client got a deluge of spam email. So, while I am very happy the spam settled down for a time. I guess I will just have to fill out tickets in the future as opposed to trying things on my own. 8
08/31/2015 Prompt response, thank you 10
08/31/2015 Great - I was confused and she has shown the light! Thank you. 10
08/31/2015 It was handled very well as expected 10
08/31/2015 It was handled very well as expected and in time. thank you! 10
08/31/2015 Thank you, Tom! You never give up on me. 10
08/31/2015 Thank you, Lawrence! I appreciate your follow through on this. 10
08/26/2015 Scale of 1 to 10, I'm assuming 10 is the best. 10
08/20/2015 Can't imagine it being better 10
08/19/2015 Excellent esp bc it was nearly immediate response and my issue was handled immediately. Thank you. 10
08/19/2015 Same as for C Kelly 10
08/19/2015 Continue with your excellent customer service. 10
08/19/2015 I just talked to him on the phone and he was VERY helpful. He was able to let me know the last 4 digits of the number you used and take my new credit card number over the phone. 10
08/19/2015 Hire more people like Lyzaia McDonald! 10
08/19/2015 As always, Lyzaia performs with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. 10
08/19/2015 Very well. 10
08/18/2015 She responded quickly and fixed the problem promptly, and even answered my follow up questions. 10
08/17/2015 Issue handled quickly over a Sunday evening. Couldn't have wished for better or quicker outcome. 10
08/14/2015 Excellent. 9
08/13/2015 everyone did just fine with this silly issue.... I made sure to mark it as not at all urgent, since it wasn' I don't know how long it really took, but it was a "once only" issue and the solution has, apparently, been some point, if someone were to tell me what the solution actually ,using small, common, words that I might understand , that would be nice, but not essential. I'll paste this note into all the boxes, and we'll move on. Thanks. 10
08/13/2015 no changes needed, I'd say. I suggest that you all ask David for a day off with full pay. 10
08/11/2015 James is really excellent at solving problems like the one I just had. In the past he has been the best on your staff about explaining what is going on from my end and educating me on how to fix and understand more about the process. 10
08/11/2015 Lawrence provided excellent and articulate answers. I understood perfectly. I am still having trouble with too much spam even with very aggressive Spam Assassin settings, so it is not over yet, but a 10 on this ticket. 10
08/11/2015 Your rating scale doesn't say is 1 is excellent or if 10 is excellent -- I guessed 10 was excellent and rated accordingly. Great service! 10
08/11/2015 The response was prompt, efficient, and accurate. Thank you! 10
08/07/2015 As always, Lawrence (like the rest of the support team) was fast, efficient, and great to work with. 10
08/07/2015 Chris was great, supplying additional information without being asked, once he remembered the caliber of the client he was working with :) 10
08/06/2015 I am assuming that 10 is the highest score. Tom, as always, is very quick to respond and immediately resolves the support request. Very much appreciated. 10
08/03/2015 Excellent! Resolved issued very promptly. 10
08/02/2015 Lawrence is great and always helpful. Yes he resolved the issue. Thank you Lawrence! 10
08/02/2015 Efficient. Listened. Skilled. Kept the ticket to written information in full disclosure so I would know what we were doing. Fixed it. 9
07/31/2015 Quick and easy, excellent support as always. 10
07/29/2015 He was great! Quick to respond, and took care of the issue promptly also. 10
07/29/2015 Chris was great! Very satisfied with the prompt service I received. 10
07/29/2015 I have no complaints! 10
07/29/2015 This request was handled quickly and clearly. 10
07/27/2015 Super fast response. Clear and concise. Thanks Chris! 10
07/25/2015 very quickly and efficiently. 10
07/24/2015 Your Tickets work well 10
07/24/2015 Thanks Tom 10
07/21/2015 Chris followed up quickly which was much appreciated. 10
07/20/2015 Well... He tried to help me with what time we had. I got an inturption and had to stop our call. 10
07/19/2015 Polite, patient, and thorough. The issue was with a client getting slow responses to their site. I could see the server was flying, but wondered about network conditions at the datacenter. Lawrence checked them, and called up the site with the issue from a lot of remote locations, and reported all was good. Its always nice when the issue is with the client :) 10
07/16/2015 Fabulous and completely painless. 10
07/16/2015 Nothing, it was handled great and crises were averted, no thanks to my update neglect! 10
07/15/2015 Thanks for your prompt and easy to understand help on both questions I have had. 10
07/14/2015 Mr. Bell was swell. Completely and clearly answered my questions, and let me know that Canvas Host was 'there' for me. 10
07/14/2015 It was a good experience. Nothing to fix. 10
07/14/2015 Is 1 good or bad!? James did great (ie 10), was nice to have info all in one place, made it easy to understand what I needed to do (once i finally had time to be on computer). Also appreciate his willingness to walk me through it! Good service all around. 10
07/14/2015 You all are doing great 10
07/12/2015 He is great. Has helped me in the past. Always resolves my issues quickly, carefully, and with a keen sense of humor that makes it a pleasure to talk with him. 10
07/12/2015 Your tech support is great. One of the many reasons I love Canvas Host. 10
07/11/2015 Lyzaia was very helpful! He responded to my help ticket in a timely manner and answered all of my questions. There was a slight problem receiving one of the emails, but she was able to re-send the information. 8
07/11/2015 Answered my question in a timely manner. 8
07/11/2015 James answered my question and alerted me of a potential problem with my listed email address and information. 8
07/10/2015 Handled the issue very well and quickly. 10
07/07/2015 Fast, professional and helpfu. 9
07/07/2015 He handled it very well, as always. 10
07/07/2015 James pointed me to the problem right away. 9
07/07/2015 Great! 10
07/03/2015 Very well. 10
07/03/2015 Can't think how it could be better. Was great! 10
07/03/2015 You folks always rock. 10
07/01/2015 Same as above 10
07/01/2015 Awesome job, my problem was resolved painlessly. 10
07/01/2015 Fast, clear responses. 10
06/27/2015 very quick and prompt 10
06/27/2015 Quick and prompt 10
06/25/2015 Reasonably promptly, between his reply and what I figured out I think I understand what happened. 10
06/25/2015 Prompt response and clear instructions. Many, many thanks to Lyzaia! 10
06/25/2015 He was very friendly and professional on the phone and explained the process (opening a ticket) he would take. This was resolved much more quickly than I anticipated. 10
06/25/2015 No change--you guys are really great! :) 10
06/24/2015 Lyzaia responded to my inquiry quickly and took care of the issue at hand equally as fast. 10
06/24/2015 Tom handled it perfectly. Quick response with the info I needed. 10
06/24/2015 You can't improve on 100% 10
06/23/2015 Lawrence was awesome thanks, IDentified the problem I was able to fix with my web guy. 10
06/22/2015 Quick response and he gave me the pricing I requested. 10
06/22/2015 Quick response and answered my question. 10
06/21/2015 When we were in touch, he was very responsive and helpful! 9
06/20/2015 Excellent!!!!! Sooooooooo Pro!!!!!!!! 10
06/19/2015 Lawrence resolved the issue within minutes. I continue to be impressed with the skills of Canvas Host personnel. 10
06/19/2015 It couldn't be better. Thanks. 10
06/19/2015 Tom is my favorite support team member. He quickly resolved my issue on his end, because I couldn't seem to get it done on my end. 10
06/19/2015 Replied quickly and gave me the right information! 10
06/18/2015 Mr. Craig was able to quickly and clearly communicate why I was having issues with my domaine set up and provided me with the details to resolve it myself. His quick response put my mind at ease and allowed me to fix the issue without disturbing my customers. 10
06/18/2015 Don't think you could have answered it any quicker. 10
06/18/2015 Clear and thoughtful. Thanks. 10
06/13/2015 It was handled quickly and effectively. 10
06/13/2015 Again, quick and effective. 10
06/11/2015 all's fine, as usual. As I remember, on the ticket, I said there was no real rush, but that it would be cool if it be taken care of within nine hours and seven minutes.....and it was done with some seconds to spare.... thanks again 10
06/09/2015 Responded in a clear and timely way. 9
06/09/2015 Responded in a clear and timely way. 9
06/09/2015 My question was answered speedily and to my satisfaction 10
06/08/2015 James took action on my support ticket almost immediately after I submitted it and helped me resolve the issue the same day. He was amazing (which has been my experience of him every time I've had the pleasure of working with him). 10
06/08/2015 Hire more people like James. 10
06/05/2015 Excellent service. Ticket was answered and problem solved. 10
06/04/2015 Chris was patient and thorough. He never covered up problems on your end which gave me confidence that this would get resolved. 10
06/04/2015 Response was immediate and issue fully resolved quickly. Thanks James! 10
05/28/2015 Lawrence got back to us right away, with an informative answer. Thanks! 10
05/25/2015 Damn fine. 10
05/24/2015 Quickly and efficiently. Thank you. 10
05/24/2015 Nothing needed to make my experience better except perhaps to eliminate user error :)-. 10
05/24/2015 He was quick and very helpful in my question. 10
05/21/2015 Quickly did just what I asked. Thanks, James! 10
05/21/2015 He handled my request very well. In fact, everyone at Canvas Host does a fantastic job! 10
05/21/2015 It is hard to improve on being excellent. Stop being so great all the time? 10
05/20/2015 He did a great job; everything I could have asked for. Thanks, Lawrence. 10
05/20/2015 No improvement needed. 10
05/20/2015 Very fast response and personalized service from James Bell. This high quality service has been the norm for this company. It is a pleasure to work with them. 10
05/20/2015 My experience was top notch. The only thing I can think of that would improve it would be free beer. I'll just put that out there....Thanks again. 10
05/19/2015 Awesome, very helpful, thought it was the PCI 1.1 upgrade causing the problem, addressed all of my questions. 8
05/19/2015 Somehow solved the problem, couldn't be happier! 10
05/19/2015 Exactly as you did today. You fixed the problem and fixed it quick. I have had many hosting providers, including Hostway, and many problems. You are my #1 and I hope to bring new accounts to you soon. Tonight is another reason why I stay with Canvas Host! 10
05/19/2015 Quick and professional 10
05/14/2015 Timely, polite and useful. Thank you 9
05/14/2015 No improvement necessary. 10
05/14/2015 No comment. This was a simple question and was answered quickly. Not much to talk about. 10
05/14/2015 Lawrence was very responsive. Problem is that I keep getting occasional email bounces stating that diamond canvas dreams is blacklisted. Just got another on May 6. So, in general, the bigger problem is still randomly occurring. 10
05/13/2015 Overall it was a great support experience, even if the end result was disappointing (we lost emails from Sunday/Monday/Tuesday). my only critique would be how I requested the account to be restored to the May 1st backup and initially it was restored to the May 9th backup 8
05/13/2015 I do not think there was anything in particular that would have made it better aside from restoring to the requested file/date. I would like to take this opportunity to point out how perhaps I cause the email issue by changing the Spam Assassin setting to 10 (but nothing else), so perhaps that should be looked at, since it blocked every single email. 10
05/11/2015 She handled the problem very fast. Thanks, Norm 9
05/05/2015 Because of response delays from me the problem went on for several days, so I decided to call rather than continue with online replies. Lyzaia answered and after a short discussion of what had transpired via ticket replies, reset my password for me, and all was well. 10
05/04/2015 u guys are awesome. I solved my password problem on my own. But it is so nice to have a ticket system. Thanks. Joe 10
05/04/2015 I just don't give 10s. The problem was solved. 9
05/04/2015 Chris provided a prompt and courteous response and I was very happy! 10
05/01/2015 Prompt service. Well done! 10
05/01/2015 He did a great job figuring out the problem and teaching me about how to fix it. The next day, I had the same problem on another device and was able to fix it myself. 10
05/01/2015 answered my question 10
05/01/2015 This one was hard to beat. I really appreciate the patient assistance of your staff. Many thanks for a job well done. 10
05/01/2015 Response was immediate, and my site was back up and running in that same timeframe. 10
04/30/2015 Handles it in a timely manner and told me exactly what to do. 9
04/27/2015 Assuming that 10 is good then James Brown takes it to 11 10
04/27/2015 Assuming that 10 is good then Chris Kelly takes it to 11 10
04/25/2015 James was very helpful and efficient.. 10
04/21/2015 Lyzaia did a fine job with my support request. But as a general comment not related to her support, the issue that triggered the support request continues to concern me. In this particular case, my organization was unable to use MyBB for a specific discussion topic due to some invisible spam filtering. The result was a time consuming "debugging" process to identify the problem and a disruption in our work flow. This has resulted in users being reluctant to use MyBB for fear of being caught in another one of these spam filter traps. I don't have a solution to suggest, but I think you should understand how problematic this is. 10
04/18/2015 Professional and Timely 9
04/18/2015 Great! Thanks for the help, Lawrence and team. 10
04/17/2015 It was the initial provisioned install that I didn't do personally. So it would have been nice to know that the provisioning process used Softaculous. Also it took me a minute to figure out how to find the uninstall option in the UI. Some additional direction on where to find the option would have been helpful. 9
04/17/2015 A little more documentation that the agent can refer to for more information. 8
04/14/2015 Lawrence was speedy, very helpful, and responsive. Email spam is almost non-existent for now. 10
04/14/2015 Keep up the awesome support! 10
04/14/2015 Awesome, thanks so much! 10
04/12/2015 Absolutely wonderful. 10
04/12/2015 Everything was great. Of course I could wish that the server hadn't crashed in the first place. I do not run any wordpress or php that get get outdated and virus prone. I'm penalized by being on servers that host these kind of folks. Unlucky for me. Can't you force people to stay current with shareware software? 10
04/11/2015 Its been so long I have no idea what this was about. 10
04/10/2015 respond to the ticket 10
04/10/2015 Lawrence is always super helpful and I really appreciate it. 10
04/10/2015 Free beer giveaways? Have a great summer. 10
04/09/2015 Fast and provided feedback as to why the DNS settings were not working. 10
04/07/2015 The problem seems to have been resolved (though I haven't tested it to be sure). 10
04/06/2015 Just fine, as usual...thanks The duration was 1 Days 21 Hours 3 Minutes 12 Seconds , and the final 12 seconds were amazing..... jk 10
04/06/2015 I don't remember how Lawrence handled it, but I don't have anything negative to say... 10
04/06/2015 Lyzaia is always so patient with me. I really appreciate how determined he always is to get things right. 10
04/05/2015 He was very responsive; I believe he referred me to Lawrence. 10
04/05/2015 Lawrence was able to troubleshoot the problem and he helped me get the WordPress site up and running. Thanks! 10
04/05/2015 Nothing to suggest. You guys did a great job. 10
04/05/2015 Very quickly and easily! Thank you very much! 10
03/27/2015 Quick reply. Thanks for your excellent support! 10
03/26/2015 Lyzaia and Lawrence were helpful in sticking with me to help with this issue that I probably could have solved on my end without support but did not have the awareness to do so. 10
03/26/2015 Lyzaia and Lawrence were helpful in sticking with me to help with this issue that I probably could have solved on my end without support but did not have the awareness to do so. 10
03/26/2015 You're doing great, thanks again! 10
03/21/2015 I'm very happy with the support. 10
03/17/2015 Very prompt! 10
03/14/2015 Just fine. Question answered. 10
03/13/2015 He was quick to respond and understood what I was asking about. A big plus when dealing with customer service. 10
03/13/2015 Also very quick to respond and took care of the issue promptly 10
03/13/2015 It was great. No suggestion(s) for improvement. I will recommend your company to anyone looking for any of the services you provide. Lauri 10
03/13/2015 Quick response, you guys have the best customer service! 10
03/11/2015 Thanks Lawrence. Have a good day. 10
03/10/2015 Professionalism. Responded in a timely manner. 10
03/10/2015 Very efficient. Hassle free. 10
03/10/2015 Please keep up the good work! 10
03/09/2015 perfectly 10
03/04/2015 Speedy response with the request quickly completed. Love it. 10
03/04/2015 Keep it up! 10
03/04/2015 10 being best. Chris was quick, yet efficient. Friendly and professional. Clear, concise, and easy to understand. Made the experience stress free. 10
03/04/2015 This is a difficult question to answer. My ticket was answered quickly with the information I needed and Chris followed up to make sure he did everything for me that I needed. Besides the fact that Chris is efficient and knowledgeable, he is a 'user friendly' personality that made it a pleasant experience. That being written, every experience that I have had with Canvas Dreams, now Host, has been stellar. Canvas Host is batting a thousand. 10
03/02/2015 I love the support I get from everyone at Canvashost. Thanks James! -Jake 10
03/02/2015 please continue to do what you're doing and we'll be together for a while. 10
03/01/2015 Resolved issue quickly. 8
02/28/2015 Got information right away 10
02/28/2015 My request dealt with a simple billing question, and Chris dealt with it quickly and effectively. 9
02/27/2015 regarding the help with by James B. .. Very helpful. Only way to make it better would be to include a free dinner in Portland with the help... but not one of those food carts, a real place, like Sizzler or Denny's. 10
02/27/2015 Tom pointed me in the right direction, and everything was resolved. Blair 9
02/25/2015 Promptly answered my question and referred me to documentation! Great service 10
02/24/2015 Excellent. 10
02/24/2015 Friendly, explained what they were seeing from their end, and did their best to quickly get me the help I needed! 10
02/24/2015 Promptly handled my request. 10
02/24/2015 You folks are always great, helpful and quick to respond! I couldn't be happier that we moved hosting for this site to Canvas, and I'll certainly continue to recommend your service to other clilents. Jade 10
02/23/2015 Response was very quick, thanks! 10
02/21/2015 He was pleasant prompt and efficient on the email issue. Got the server issue addressed. Immediate issues were all resolved in a very timely manner and I greatly appreciate that. Asked him to retrieve any emails that may have been sent to me during the downtime. It may not have been possible, but I received no communication about that. 8
02/21/2015 Lawrence was also very pleasant and informative about the server issues. Immediate issues were all resolved in a very timely manner and I greatly appreciate that. I asked him to look into finding the emails as well and how to go about moving off the web valence server. I am still waiting on that. 8
02/20/2015 WIth the information Lyzala sent me, I was able to figure out how to resolve the problem. 8
02/20/2015 Great! 10
02/19/2015 It was a quick response and everything worked as expected. Thanks! 10
02/16/2015 It was fine. 10
02/14/2015 Just fine. 8
02/14/2015 Very helpful! 10