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We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support, and it shows -- our customers love us! The following is a real-time output of recent customer feedback we've received.

Date Comments Score
06/02/2017 I sincerely appreciate the support provided by the staff at Canvas Host. 10
06/02/2017 Prompt action in doing what I requested. 10
06/02/2017 Clear explanation to my question. 10
06/01/2017 Lawrence was responsive and timely to the "support ticket" I generated. He went a step further than just resolving an issue, he explained some of the nuance as to why I was encountering challenges. 10
06/01/2017 Tom was responsive and timely to the "support ticket." He shared insights as to how to possibly alleviate some of my frustration with the constant need to request "Whitelisting" or "unblocking" of the respective IP Address I am using. 10
05/31/2017 Thanks for the quick help! 10
05/30/2017 Thanks!!! 10
05/30/2017 First of all, I've talked with Lyzaia on the phone, and he not only answered my questions, but he has a rather calming quality about him, and, as a know-it-some-wanna-be-developer, it was extremely comforting. 10
05/30/2017 Lawrence went above and beyond the call of duty, performing a few extra tasks for my site which I am so grateful for that time he spent, as well as cleaning up some kinks from the migration from hostpond. 10
05/30/2017 Tom answered a few more questions via email and took some more information --and the next thing I knew, everything seems resolved! 10
05/30/2017 Again, THANK YOU for your prompt resolution of our issue. 10
05/30/2017 THANK YOU for getting our issues resolved in such a timely manner! 10
05/29/2017 I don't know how it could have been handled any better or any faster than how Lawrence did it! Besides fixing the problem, he generally offers a couple of words of what the problem was and how it was fixed, which I truly appreciate it. Excellent work! 10
05/26/2017 I really did not have to do anything except wait for the migration to finish, then check to see if everything worked, which it did. no complaints. 9
05/24/2017 I never had to be contacted and the request was fulfilled immediately. 10
05/23/2017 Tom was responsive. 10
05/23/2017 Tom was prompt and responsive. 10
05/23/2017 Lawrence was prompt and responsive... 10
05/23/2017 Lyzaia was prompt and responsive. 10
05/23/2017 Lyzaia is prompt with response time. 10
05/20/2017 A+! 10
05/20/2017 On point as usual ! 10
05/19/2017 He responded to my request promptly, but the problem was so urgent that I ended up resolving the issue by visiting the CanvasHost office in downtown Portland and power-cycling the server. 8
05/19/2017 David and staff are excellent with the customer service. I think everything is fine with my accounts and the Douglas move--unless one has been missed. Am working on the php update for each account. All of you are appreciated! 10
05/17/2017 Quick and complete resolution. Top quality support, as always, thank you! 10
05/17/2017 Got ticket started. 8
05/17/2017 Suggested several possible solutions to the problem, including the one that ultimately worked, one that I never would have thought of on my own. Great support. 10
05/15/2017 Chris & Lawrence were great. they both responded quickly and efficiently. 10
05/14/2017 Lawrence and Tom and everyone there -- you are all fantastic. Thank you! 10
05/14/2017 Great help and info. 10
05/14/2017 Great help and info. 10
05/10/2017 No problems with website migration. 10
05/09/2017 Prompt and clear response helped me to complete my task. 10
05/06/2017 Tom has always been "Tommy" on the spot. He is responsive, efficient in his efforts. 10
05/03/2017 Tom was great - got the new server running and talked me through the setup on the new server. Blair 10
05/02/2017 working with limited information provided by BofA/Chase Paymentech merchant services to fix the broken check out solution we were unable to resolve the issue. 8
05/02/2017 Lawrence was responded quickly and was able to resolve the problem. I understood the explanation. 10
05/01/2017 Just had to wait for the Host Pond to Canvas Host server migration. 10
05/01/2017 Answered my questions promptly and did exactly what I asked for. 10
05/01/2017 he helped me through the whole problem and was patient and went beyond just solving the problem I had but got me into the system and guided me through the access portal. quick and easy. Heck just paid my bill with a simple click:) 10
04/30/2017 thanks for your assistance 8
04/30/2017 patient, informed, kind 10
04/30/2017 patient 10
04/30/2017 All the issues were handled promptly and quickly. 10
04/29/2017 Chris was great to work with. Identified the problem, helped with the fix and clearly explained what was going on to a novice (that'd be me). Thanks - Ross 10
04/27/2017 Speedy and responsive. Great and very helfpul phone service helped me to parse the questions that I had. 10
04/27/2017 She was courteous and very helpful. 10
04/25/2017 Fast and easy. Great job! 10
04/19/2017 ...per usual, Tom was Johnny on the spot with prompt resolution. 10
04/19/2017 ...per usual, Tom is Johnny on the spot: prompt with resolution. 10