Portland Datacenter Tour

Our administrative offices are located in downtown Portland, one floor above our data facility.

Canvas Host Data Facility

From our downtown Portland data facility at the Pittock building, Canvas Host provides comprehensive Web hosting and colocation services. Whether you need space for a single 1U rackmount server or a multi-cabinet infrastructure, our colocation and bandwidth offerings are competitively priced and custom designed for your exact specifications.

To ensure the security of all your hardware, Canvas Host offers on-site support and personally monitors all maintenance performed on colocation equipment. Cabinets and caged racks are secured through biometric checkpoints, multiple keylock entry and 24/7 video surveillance. When a customer asks to perform maintenance on their equipment, a member of our staff is always present to personally ensure the integrity and security of all our clients’ equipment.

Network Connectivity and Bandwidth Monitoring

From over two dozen available network upstream carriers, Canvas Host selected what we considered the top four: AT&T (our primary connection), MCI, Sprint, and Level3 (backup providers). We utilize enterprise-grade Cisco networking equipment for all switches and routers.

We offer incremental, burstable bandwidth for all colocation clients, from 1Mbps Fast Ethernet up to multi-Gigabit fiber. For clients with specific bandwidth needs, we can set up dedicated cross connects from any of 29 fiber- or Ethernet-based carriers. Gigabit and peered cross-connects are also available upon request.

Bandwidth usage is measured via several monitoring tools and calculated to the 95th percentile. Our bandwidth pricing is structured to offer greater discounts on a tiered basis. The more bandwidth you use, the greater your per-Megabit savings.

Power Plant Specifications

In plain English, we have ample power for even the most demanding systems. Our data facility is supported by nine electrical feeds off the main Portland grid.

Details of the in-house power plant include:

  • Primary Electrical Service: 15,000Amp/480VAC
  • Secondary Electrical Service: 12,000Amp/208VAC
  • UPS Units: Six 500kVA systems, two 225kVA systems, two 150kVA systems, one 80kVA system, and numerous smaller systems totaling about 3,000,000 Watts of capacity
  • 1600 Amp/48VDC plant
  • Cooling Capacity: 1300 tons
  • Generators: 8.5 megawatts of generation capacity

Diesel Backup Power

Five 50,000 Watt Diesel backup generators ensure uninterrupted connectivity for up to 48 hours without refueling.

Because critical municipal infrastructure is located within the facility, the building benefits from being at the top of the list for refueling after a natural disaster. This means that should our building experience an extended outage, backup generators are guaranteed direct refueling before any other provider. No other data facility in Oregon has this type of energy security. If you don’t believe us, just ask around.

If you would like to learn more about our Oregon colocation services, or, if you have a custom plan in mind, simply contact us so we can better understand your requirements.