Weathering the Bumps and Turns

By Angela Anderson, Operations/Finance

Every journey has bumps.  Every journey has struggles.  Nothing is ever easy.  With over 20 years of experience in managing employees, I’ve seen almost everything.  I’m not surprised with much these days.  Some say I should write a book with all my experiences so that others can learn from what I have gone through.  If I ever did that, I think many of you would sit back and just laugh at the hysteria that is human behavior.

Through my many years of  experience in training and development, I had many positive and rewarding experiences.  I loved working with individuals on performance goals.  I loved watching them achieve new things and see themselves break out of their shells of reluctance and fear.  Many individuals I was coaching on public speaking in groups. Others I was coaching on effective listening and learning to clarify for understanding.  Some I was working with solely on understanding and meeting the expectations of their position.  Each member of my team needed something different.

Just like as any stream of water hits a rock and has to flow a new direction.  We are like that stream.  Our experiences shape who we are as a river of knowledge.  We ebb and flow based on hurdles, challenges, and successes.  They shape us.  They mold us.  We are who we are as professionals because of the rocks, twigs, and branches along the way.  Don’t be afraid to bust through an obstacle from time to time though.  I used to always use this amazing line on my team.  I know they hated it and cringed when I said it but it is very true…. “It is when we are most challenged or uncomfortable that we are learning.”  Be challenged.  Be pushed, but break through and rise above.