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Press Release: Canvas Dreams joins Friends of Trees to support community tree planting

Canvas Dreams, LLC
921 SW Washington, Suite 719
Portland, OR 97205

Canvas Dreams, LLC, a sustainable Web host based in Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce it is has joined Friends of Trees‘ tree planting program for businesses. Through a special arrangement, Canvas Dreams will have one tree planted in the Portland area for every new customer that signs up. The new program was recently launched by Friends of Trees and is open to participation by any business.

“Canvas Dreams’ commitment to sustainable business mandates we look at ways to reduce our environmental impact. Trees aren’t just carbon neutral, they are carbon reductive”, says David Anderson, Principal. “As we welcome in new clients, our business continues growing and along with it our total environmental impact, so active participation in a carbon reductive program — tree planting — is a means to lower the impact of our business and in a way that has real benefit for our immediate, local community”.

For more information about Friends of Trees’ business program, please visit their Web site at www.FriendsOfTrees.org.

For more information about Canvas Dreams, LLC, a Web hosting provider powered by 100% locally-generated wind energy and active in numerous sustainability organizations and initiatives, please call 800.574.4299.