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Is My Website Secure?  What is SSL?

Howdy, CanvasHosters!  It’s your old pal Lawrence here with a friendly reminder that as of July of this year, Google is calling out websites that still use http protocol instead of https.

If your website isn’t coded for https, then visitors will see a menacing looking message in their address bar that reads “Not Secure”.

While this poses no real threat, it can turn off potential customers who may not know any better, resulting in lost sales or other valuable exposure to your market.

Here is a great article which details this a bit more: https://www.fastcompany.com/90207043/chrome-is-calling-out-insecure-websites-starting-today

CanvasHost can now perform a full website/code conversion for most of your hosted websites for a flat fee of $200 (which is a fantastic deal given the current standard rates for web development of this kind).

There is minimal to zero downtime for your website during the conversion and it generally takes about 3 hours to complete.

If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed that’s no problem either. We can now install a free auto SSL via cPanel for any of your domains on our network.

So contact us  today and schedule your https conversion by emailing design@canvashost.com or sales@canvashost.com and we’ll get it all taken care of for you!

Your Business is a Canvas of Dreams

When I first started Canvas Dreams, I wanted to pair my artistic background with technology, and build compelling, creative website services for my customers. We came to realize that the services we provide to our customers, are not as important as how we deliver them. We have built a reputation for being a friendly, personable, and approachable web host. We care about our customers, and we try to help, beyond the point where most competitors would have given up.

We’re not perfect, but looking back on an almost 17-year track record, I’m proud of our accomplishments, and the thousands of customers we have helped. In 2002, I had no idea where this would all lead. I just knew I wanted to try.

What was your dream when you started your business? What did you set out to achieve? Did you write up a business plan or mission statement? Did you draw up an org chart to see how your staff fit together to form a complete picture? Do you actively work on your business, building it to the next level or iteration? Do you retrain yourself and your team, to keep the brains fresh and ideas flowing?

A business is a blank canvas that is never finished. You paint it with your dreams, and you have to keep dreaming. If you stop innovating, your business can hit upon stagnation, a loss of direction, and a forgotten mission. Without focus, a business may amble on for a while, but it runs the risk of going off the road. A business needs a leader with clear vision, and a team united around that vision.

To last, a business must evolve, and its leadership with it. It’s why those years ago, we rebranded to Canvas Host, to highlight our emphasis on web hosting as our primary offering. I am blessed with a personality that is adaptable to change, but I recognize not everyone can do it as easily, or at all. Nevertheless, the evolution of a business will determine its outcome.

Over the years, change brings challenge. We have seen many customers’ businesses grow and decline, start and end, succeed and fail. At the start of this year, we decided to do something about it, and now offer a complete range of business consulting services: Operations, HR, finance, sales, marketing, and IT, to name a few.

We’ve already helped a number of companies get back on track: Their books cleaned up, the team refocused, the leadership counseled, new strategies introduced, and gently nudged out of the nest and back into the world. There is a limit to what we can provide, and we can’t force a business to spread its wings, but we can lead by example, and show that real change doesn’t have to be feared.

We’re pleased to announce a reboot of Canvas Dreams, the parent brand of Canvas Host, to showcase our business consulting capabilities, tell the stories of the brands we’ve helped, and demonstrate how our services could help improve your own business.

Canvas Dreams Now Offering Business Consulting Services

Canvas Dreams, LLC is the parent company of Canvas Host. In 2013, we re-launched our brand as Canvas Host, to focus primarily on web hosting.

Since that time, many businesses have contacted us for assistance in a variety of areas.

It is a proven fact that many small businesses struggle through their first 5 years. We listened to you, and we’re thrilled to offer a range of new services designed to help your business!

As of August 1, 2018, Canvas Dreams LLC now offers business consulting services.

Our company has been in business for over 16 years, a Certified B Corporation for 7 years, and has been an Oregon Benefit Company since the designation was formed in 2014. We believe in balancing people, planet, and profit equally.

We have been where you are and have learned successful procedures to run efficient, sustainable systems. With more than 25 years’ experience in management and operations, our business experts can help you organize your business, creating efficient systems in human resources, inventory management, finance, and operations.

We feel that by making these consulting services available, we can better assist your company in its growth and stability.

Canvas Dreams is here to support you and help you make those dreams a reality.

Local Alignment as an Oregon Benefit Company

One of our operating principles is “supporting local”. To this extent, we have realigned our Oregon Benefit Company certification with a local Oregon-based company. This was a necessary and overdue decision, as the prior certifier (Green America) has lost credibility. With this new certification, we are better positioned to help and encourage other local businesses to do the same.

Two weeks ago, we completed and passed our final audit with Benefit Corporations for Good. The company, owned and operated by Tom Hering and Mary Anne Harmer, stands for the same principles of operation that we have built into the DNA of Canvas Host. Both Tom and Mary Anne have been at the forefront of the Oregon Benefit Company movement for many years, proving this through their recently published book, Putting Soul into Business.

At Canvas Host, we believe that supporting local is not only what it needed but what is important in our growth as a company and our transparency to our customers. If you would like to learn more about this process, requirements, or definitions, please contact us at csr@canvashost.com. We are always here to assist.

Tune-Ups For Your Website

Just like maintenance for your car, your website requires consistent tune-ups and care. By ignoring website maintenance and not taking care of outdated code, your website is vulnerable to attacks and hacks. Websites can and do breakdown just as easily as vehicles.

Over the past year, we have seen an increase in requests from companies that have needed assistance in updating their websites. Many times business owners have come to us not knowing what to do or where to start. Sometimes these fixes have been quick and sometimes we have suggested a full website rebuild due to the complexity of the deficiency. Overall, we will be 100% transparent in our professional assessment.

To simplify this further, we have created a simple maintenance program. This program will not only check your WordPress website for the latest plug ins and versions, but it will automatically back up your website to our off-site hosting facility in Bend, OR.

Were you also aware that by updating your website, you could also increase your Search Engine Optimization? If you are updating your content regularly, or even updating your code, SEO ranking can also increase.

For more information, please contact us at design@canvashost.com, or by calling 877.HOST.503.