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Green Drinks returns this Fall 2016!

Hi Green Drinkers,

We want to update you on some things. We’ve taken a few months off and put some feelers out in the Portland and Westside communities for how best to restart Green Drinks this fall.

We’re making a few changes to the organization of Green Drinks, thanks in part to the excellent feedback we received from attendees. We’re here to address those changes, and some things we are keeping the same, and how they will affect the two events we have been holding each month.

1. Instead of two Green Drinks events each month, we will scale back to just one. We will also alternate each month between Portland and Westside Green Drinks. This means we’ll hold at most, six Portland Green Drinks, and six Westside Green Drinks each year. We aim to help build up interest and participation in the events. As much as we love to put these on, we felt the two-each-month cycle was diluting the effectiveness and importance of the events. So, we’ll have more time now to organize and promote the events.

2. Attendance fees will remain $5 per person. Some of the feedback we received questioned why we charge $5 to attend events. Considerable time and cost goes into planning and promoting Green Drinks events. For those attending Westside events, we provide food and beverages at BestHQ. And for some events, rental fees do apply, especially for larger turnouts that require renting a full-room, private space. As much as we support the spirit of a sharing economy, the fact is that we cannot put on these events for free. We can however improve the experience. This leads to our next items…

3. Speaker and presenter microphones. Some events are well attended and feedback indicates it is sometimes hard to hear the speakers. Therefore, we have purchased a portable speaker and wireless mic setup to help with this! It should make a big difference.

4. Raffle prizes! This is an area we hope to give back. Portland Cider House is still excited to offer up their space, and as we’ve seen with some other Green Drinks events in the Northwest, raffle prizes are fun! All attendees will receive a raffle ticket and depending on the location and event, we will have a variety of prizes to give out. While we cannot give out “free” alcoholic beverages, we certainly can raffle off an empty growler and some cash to help fill it, as an example. Also…

5. Sponsorship opportunities! This is an area we are opening up for outside interest. While PDX and Westside Green Drinks is officially organized and managed by Canvas Host, we don’t want to take all the fun. So if you’re a local company that would love some exposure in front of a fantastic audience of green, well-educated, caring folks — yes, that is us giving you all a big shout-out — then please contact us at info@pdxgreendrinks.org. If you have items that you think would make great raffle prizes, we’d love to hear about them. All sponsors will be given 5-10 minutes to talk about their services and products, during the Green Drinks event they are sponsoring. And finally…

6. First Wednesday of each month. This is the day we will hold future Green Drinks events, whether PDX or Westside. We will alternate, again, every other month. So look for the return of PDX Green Drinks in October, Westside Green Drinks in November, and so forth.

We appreciate all the time and attention you provided us with your feedback. If you are interested in presenting, sponsoring, or assisting in Green Drinks, please do reach out. And, thanks again for your interest!

July GD: The World Flag and Beaverton’s Mayor

July has been a hot month, and the same can be said for Green Drinks! In case you missed them, then unfortunately yes, you missed out, but fear not, here’s a summary of the sessions:

PDX Green Drinks: Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On a hot Tuesday evening, GD was held at Migration Brewing, a favorite spot. John Carroll from The World Flag Project brought a giant version of the famous, global flag pattern that is known around the world, and spoke from the heart about the educational project he has championed for more than 20 years.



The flag is composed of the flags of the world’s nations, including territories and some unrecognized cultural groups. The placement of flags is key: For example, towards the middle fo the flag, is a diagram of the Earth with the U.S. and Russia on opposite sides, representative of two strong world powers opposed to each other. The four corners of the flag contain nations considered at the four corners of the earth. Religious symbology of various flags are grouped to show unity through diversity. And so forth.

To help explain the flags, John showed a key with all the flags names and countries written out, to help viewer decipher the flags and their importance.


the-world-flag2 the-world-flag3

The project began more than 20 years ago as a family venture, and has resulted in tens of thousands of world flags being sold, many to educational institutions and schools as learning tools.

A nice message came in from one attendee, Christopher at @Portland_Beer who offered John his thanks:

Westside Green Drinks: Thursday, July 11, 2015

The Westside is host to tremendous growth and development: New houses, office buildings, and even a high school for the SW corner of Beaverton… so much is happening, but is any of it being managed or done sustainably?

We were honored to have Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle present on the city’s projects, its commitments to sustainability, and its accomplishments towards those goals. Denny spoke passionately about the many ways the city is helping shape a bright, sustainable future for the Westside.


The event was held at BestHQ, founded by our friends Ron and Jill White, who have created a sustainable, small business community that is part incubator, part executive space, part training and education space, and part all-out awesomeness. We love meeting with their crew any chance we get.

A member of the audience caught a part of our presentation on video…


And later last week, we ran into both BestHQ, as well as Mayor Doyle, at the Beaverton Relay for Life!

One thing is becoming clear to us… as we continue branching out Green Drinks’ events throughout Portland and the Westside, connections are being made that go well beyond the scope of our events. We’re bumping into folks left and right who have attended more than one GD event, are connected through other community projects, and it’s forming into a great community.

We highly encourage you to attend future events… so stay tuned as we gear up for August!


David Anderson and Angela Anderson

June PDX Green Drinks: An Evening with B Corporations

The June 2, 2015 PDX Green Drinks was held at the offices of TriLibrium, a Portland-area CPA firm and one of dozens of area B Corporations. The “B” stands for “benefit”, and is an independently certified recognition of a company’s commitment to triple bottom line principles of people, planet, and profit, as well as a higher echelon of ethics that prevent a business from acting on profit motive alone. In several dozen States, including Oregon, additional recognition is available for companies that legally register with the State as a Benefit Company.

The format for the evening was based on our traditional Green Drinks meetups: A two-hour block of time with 30 minutes of networking, 30-45 minutes for the main speaker(s) and audience questions, and the remaining balance on more networking. For this event, we were honored to have several B Corporations in attendance and on a panel: Franklin Jones, of B-Line; Michelle Carver, of gDiapers; and Richard Rosen, of Rosen Convergence Marketing.


Left to right: Franklin Jones of B-Line; Michelle Carver of gDiapers; Richard Rosen of Rosen Covergence Marketing.

Previous Green Drinks events on B Corps have talked about the how, the cost, and the benefits. At this event, the panel addressed why a company should become a B Corporation? Panelists shared their story and perspectives on the changing economic landscape, their philosophies on ethics and business that are championed at the hearts of their businesses, and how audience members can become involved in the movement.

Michelle chatted briefly about the history of gDiapers and its connection with Australian values of ‘fair dinkum’, a phrase that more or less means truth and fairness in all that you do and with whom you connect. With the average baby rearing resulting in 5,000 used diapers, gDiapers’ flushable, and in some cases compostable diapers could have a considerable, positive impact in landfill reduction. B Corporation certification was the logical step to show their company’s values and commitment to a better way of business.

Franklin shared anecdotes from his company’s founding, and that there’s no coincidence their business starts with the letter ‘B’. Since their start, B-Line’s bicycle delivery service has upheld B Corporations’ values of ethical business and interdependence. The relationships B-Line has forged with area B Corporations has been instrumental in the company’s sustained growth. More to the point, in a city in which delivery vehicles can overwhelm the transportation grid, B-Line’s environmentally friendly and affordable alternative service is a perfect example of how something can be made better, when done as a B Corporation.

Finally, Richard shared his experiences covering dozens of years in marketing and communications. Rosen Convergence Marketing does much more than assist companies with branding and positioning. Richard has seen first-hand how economic factors are changing. Whereas from previous generations’ attitudes about price and quality, today’s Millenials are placing greater emphasis on how their dollars are spent, the businesses they will support, and whether those businesses support the values of an increasingly progressive, socially responsible, and environmentally-concerned audience. Richard’s company helps businesses understand and adapt to these changing attitudes, and one of the simplest ways his clients can achieve that is by joining the B Corporation movement.

The audience asked excellent questions, including the differences in certification (by B Lab, or an independent agency), whether non-profits can be certified (they cannot but they can still work by B Corp principles), if a company has to certify or whether they can first take the B Impact quick assessment (they can, and at no cost), and if a company can certify as a B as part of its official business launch (not really, as it takes an active business to certify, but you can certify soon after and should).


The B Corps present included: Green Mountain Energy, Canvas Host, TriLibrium CPAs, Rosen Convergence Marketing, and B-Line

Beyond my role as PDX Green Drinks’ main organizer, my own company is a B Corporation, and I serve on a B Corporation recruiting committee that formed several months ago. There are currently 50 B Corporations in Oregon. The committee’s goal is to double that figure by the end of 2015, so there are 100 certified B Corps in Oregon. Whether we get to that level or not, the amount of enthusiasm at last Tuesday’s event was inspiring. It tells me that, as I and other B Corporations have seen, the times are changing and our customers expect a higher level of ethics if they are to work with us. What better way to show the good we’re doing by not only being a B Corporation, but by acting on those values and helping our community embrace them.

If you’d like to learn more about B Corporations, email sales [at] canvashost [dot] com and we can put you in touch with some of the area B Corps. We love to talk about why we’re B’s and hope to inspire you to join our growing community. Or, you can visit B Lab’s main website, www.bcorporation.net, for complete information on certifications, a browse-able directory of B Corporations, and information on upcoming events in your community.

Finally: If you missed out on this event, we’re thinking of holding a July Westside Green Drinks focused on B Corporations, so stay tuned for details!

Thank you,

David Anderson, Owner, Canvas Host
and PDX Green Drinks Administrator

April Green Drinks review: Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Hi everyone,

If you missed Earl Blumenauer’s presentation at PDX Green Drinks on April 7, we’ve done a write-up of highlights. We’re also including some tweets shared by attendees and Earl himself.


One thing we want to touch on is the fact that we had to limit attendance. It’s the first time we can remember enforcing the RSVP list. We’re sorry if this in any way inconvenienced you. We would have loved to invite in every single person who wanted to attend. We weren’t prepared for the overwhelming response and again, will try to do a better job in the future of estimating turnout with respect to the meeting space.

The Tweets


Things you may have known about Earl: He’s a strong advocate for bicycling, agricultural conservation, and progressive causes such as medical marijuana.

Things you may not have known about Earl: He loves hard cider, can’t stand non-craft beer, and loves pointing out the irony that carrots are considered a specialty crop and so are more expensive than Twinkies. 🙂

About Portland Cider House



We were thrilled to hold PDX Green Drinks at Portland Cider Company’s new cider house. The owners, Jeff and Linda, have hit solid gold with their superb ciders. What’s more, in addition to pouring their seven ciders, the cider house hosts another 18 guest taps. That’s right, 25 excellent ciders right there. Partnering with local eateries, patrons can order food from next door or down the street, and either walk over to pick up the food or have it delivered. This kind of symbiosis is a fantastic business model and something you don’t see outside of Portland.

Moving Forward with Green Drinks


As with March’s Green Drinks, we set up a Job Postings, Announcements Swag ‘n Stuff table. We invite you  to bring your job postings, community events/announcements, and swag to future Green Drinks, We’ll have a designated table to help organize it all into one place. Though the current Green Drinks format of moving from location to location has helped keep fresh faces coming to events, we don’t want to lose out on one of the strengths of the organization — networking — that we feel had been a lost a bit with our dynamic format.

We hope you can make it to future Green Drinks event and thank you for your continued support!

David Anderson, PDX Green Drinks

Report on March PDX GD with Mayor Charlie Hales

In case you missed it, the Tuesday, March 3 PDX Green Drinks was held at the Oregon Public House, a non-profit brewpub that donates proceeds to charitable causes. Attendees were treated to a wonderful time with Portland’s Mayor Charlie Hales.


The Mayor’s Office posted the following, excellent review — which we’ve reposted here for you:

Last night spoke about the city’s environmental initiatives at the nonprofit pub The Oregon Public House, alongside its founder Stephen Green, for Green Drinks Portland, Oregon. A very knowledgeable group asked great questions about the city’s role in environmental stewardship, including:

Climate Action Plan: Now open for public comment (http://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/64076), the plan serves as a roadmap for the community to achieve an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, with an interim goal of a 40 percent reduction by 2030. Already the city recycles or composts 70 percent of solid waste; has planted 3 million new trees and shrubs since 1996; and has 390 ecoroofs covering 20 acres of rooftops. The Climate Action Plan will help support and advance Portland’s sustainable practices.

Energy benchmarking: The policy will require large commercial buildings (20,000 to 50,000 square feet) to track and report energy usage. It will save companies millions of dollars by leading to reductions in energy use, and it will reduce Portland’s energy use. Other cities have been successful through this program: Washington, D.C., for instance, saw a 9 percent reduction in energy use over three years once buildings learned where they could become more energy efficient. Public support will help Council approve this policy.

City sustainability efforts: The city has been working to be more sustainable, installing LED street lights and traffic signals; generating renewable power through wastewater treatment; installing solar panels on some city buildings and community centers; and gradually making the city fleet electric, with 11 percent achieved. City leaders welcome ideas to creatively protect the planet in its operations.


From left to right: Mayor Charlie Hales, Oregon Public House co-founder Stephen Green, Angela Anderson of Westside Green Drinks, and David Anderson of PDX Green Drinks

On behalf of the local Green Drinks community, we’d like to thank Mayor Hales for his invaluable time that evening, for addressing the many challenging questions posed to him, and for the many smiles he brought to everyone’s face!

David Anderson, PDX Green Drinks