Say What?!? Power in Words

By Angela Anderson, Operations/Co-Owner

Transparency and full disclosure time.  Lately it has come to my attention that words can do a lot to cut down or build up a conversation.  At Canvas Host, we communicate with our customers in various formats.  In all instances, we do our utmost to deliver a professional message, even when the initiator of the message uses derogatory language.

Case in point, two tickets were opened today that started off by the customer dropping explicatives in a condescending tone to our entire team.  These two tickets were not from individuals that had an ongoing support issue, nor have had issues with their accounts in years.  Their messages started off in escalatory tones demanding service.  This form of communication is not acceptable.

As Founders, David and I are gatekeepers and defenders of our team.  All tickets like this come to our immediate attention to de-escalate and resolve in the most professional and productive manner.  In both of these cases, David was able to communicate to these customers our boundaries and reroute the concerns appropriately.

Our mission statement as a company, revised in January 2019, states “At Canvas Host, we strive to create a safe, just, and socially equitable internet one website at a time.”  When asked why this necessary change, David Anderson, our Founder and Co-Owner stated, “It’s not enough to create a free internet.  Freedom is nothing more than anarchy without a sense of fairness and responsibility towards each other.  Our goal is not to create a wild west of the internet.  It is to create an internet that people want to use and benefit from.  Enforcing rules that support mutual respect doesn’t hinder expression so much as it facilitates a higher quality and a shared sense of appreciation for each other’s content and place on the web.”

To that end, we want to enforce and make clear our Mutual Respect Policy that is referenced on our company website.  There are signs on roads that state “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here”.  Communicate with us like your kids are watching over your shoulder.  Language can be used as a force for good. It should be used to build up and not break down.