1/2/2019 Network Interruption Analysis

Whenever our network experiences an interruption or failure, we wish to provide a full accounting, to the best of our abilities. It is part of our B Corporation and Benefit Company commitment to operating our business with complete transparency.

This notice is in regards to the service interruption experienced by some customers on January 2, 2019.

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is one in which a network is flooded with millions of simultaneous requests, from numerous external sources, in a coordinated fashion so as to paralyze the network, and make it difficult for the network’s administrators to stop the attack.

Yesterday, one of our upstream carriers’ core routers was targeted by a DDoS attack, which resulted in over-utilization of a routing table. The attack was mitigated, but caused a physical component of the router to partially fail, resulting in the router sending one-way traffic.

Because it was not a complete failure, standard alerts for the router were not issued. Because of the type of fault, network redundancy was unable to counter the issue. Therefore, it became a process of elimination to manually identify the point of failure, and replace the faulty component.

This took time, and is why we at Canvas Host were initially informed of and reported on a resolution to the problem approximately 28 minutes after it began, yet continued to diagnose and troubleshoot connectivity issues for some customers throughout the afternoon.

No system is 100% fault-proof. It should be noted that the router had performed without issue for 906 days.

Per our Terms of Service, DDoS attacks are not subject to our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Still, we care that your service was interrupted for any reason, especially due to a third-party assault on our network. We take these matters extremely seriously, as we recognize any impact to your service can hinder business and communications.

As a side note, we have received a number of inquiries from customers stating their websites are not functioning properly. Please note that this is not related to a network interruption, which would prevent you from accessing all aspects of hosted services you receive from us. There have been recent updates to WordPress, as well as the PHP version required to run the latest codebase, and either could be a factor as to why your website is not functioning properly. If you would like a no-obligation assessment of your current website, please let us know, and we will be happy to assist.

On behalf of everyone at Canvas Host, we hope this message finds you well, and provides answers as to the recent network interruption.

Thank you,

David Anderson, Co-Owner

David Anderson

This blog is published by David Anderson, Principal and owner of Canvas Host.