10 Free Eco Themes for WordPress!

Note: This article was originally published by Taproot Hosting, whom Canvas Dreams acquired in December 2010.

There are so many wonderful, free WordPress templates out there that it can actually be overwhelming when you know precisely what you’re looking for. Sure, hours of mind-numbing google surfing can be fun, but we figured that you might appreciate a heads up on some eco-specific themes available out there on the web. We gathered up a few that we like to get you started.

Remember, templates are customizable. If you like the bones of a template, but not the graphics, we can always help you adjust it to your liking. Just contact us!

1) Eco Green Template

Eco Green Free WordPress Template We like this template because of its special attention to social networking. For any steady blogger, or for any organization or business for that matter, social networking is a key piece of spreading the word about what you’re up to. This template puts you front and center and encourages folks to engage with you in multiple arenas. Preview and Download here: Eco Green


2) 100 Recycle 1.0

100 Recycle Free Eco WordPress Template 100 Recycle 1.0 is a great combination of city grit and eco-friendliness. It would be a great theme for anyone working in (obviously) recycling, or possibly land re-use, sustainable cityscaping or urban gardening. Preview and Download here: 100 Recycle 1.0

3) Earth Day WordPress Template

Earth Day Free WordPress Template The Earth Day theme is excellent for those working directly in nature, or in forestation, urban renewal, gardening, etc. May be a tad too ornate for some, but remember you can always swap out the background for an image of your own choosing. Preview and Download here: Earth Day
4) Simplou Template

Simplou Free WordPress Template Simplou is a clean, green, 2-column, widget-ready template that is perfect for all manner of green-focused folks. The sidebar is well-organized and expandable, and the content area is clean and well-presented. Preview and Download here: Simplou Free WordPress Template
5) Eco Nature Base Template

Eco Nature Base WordPress Template Eco Nature Base is a 2-column wordpress theme with an insinuated cloud/sky/grass theme. The pleasant gradients provide a clean look and feel without overpowering the content, and allows it to be highly suitable for anyone that’s even vaguely focused on/around the environment. Preview and Download here: Eco Nature Base Free WordPress Template
6) Aqua Green WordPress Template

Aqua Green Eco WordPress Template Aqua Green is a clean, professional, 2-column template that has the ability to lend itself to nearly any environmental focus. It’s one of the more professional themes we’ve presented, and would be perfect for those whose content is as much head as heart. Preview and Download here: Aqua Green Free WordPress Template
7) Live Green WordPress Template

Live Green Free WordPress Template Live Green is a darker, earthier template with a leaf theme. 2 columns, with clever outcroppings at each header. The protruding leaf may make this template slightly harder to customize, but a capable designer can surely help. Preview and Download here: Live Green Free WordPress Template
8 ) Metamorph Hills WordPress Template

Metamorph Hills Eco WordPress Template Metamorph Hills is green, both figuratively and literally — and has a wonderful large photo area that you can use as-is, or replace with your own custom image. This template is 2-columns and widget-ready with plenty of room to display pages and categories. Preview and Download here: Metamorph Hills Free WordPress Template
9) Misty Look WordPress Template

Misty Look is an incredibly clean template, and an old favorite of many folks. Because it is so clean, it is incredibly customizable. Replacing the header image can change the vibe of the entire template. This makes it perfect for everyone, green or not. And if you don’t want to change the header, Preview and Download here: Misty Look Free WordPress Template
10) Cutline WordPress Template

Cutline is another old favorite, for many of the same reasons as Misty above. But in addition to all the benefits already described, Cutline also has some fairly steady development, and has released multiple variations (2 and 3 columns, left and right, as well as color variations) so it’s even more flexible. Preview and Download here: Cutline Free WordPress Template

We hope you found something here to your liking! If not, we’re sure there are plenty more where these came from. And if you need custom wordpress template creation, just contact us and we can help you get started!

David Anderson

This blog is published by David Anderson, Principal and owner of Canvas Host.