Importance of Updating Billing Information

People often ask us, “What is the most requested issue our team helps customers with?”  From a billing standpoint, it is updating a client’s payment information.

Every day, we receive phone calls and answer tickets about billing requests.  We thought it would be a good time to refresh all customers on the importance of keeping account information current. If your online presence relies on orders coming through your website, any interruption in service can be disastrous.

Unlike some hosting providers that suspend you immediately for any lapse in payment, we provide a 15-day grace period before suspending an overdue account. Suspension means that instead of a customer going to your website to see the products and services you provide, they are instead redirected to a message saying that the website has been suspended.  Additionally, if you use your account for email service, you will not be able to access your account, nor will you be able to send or receive mail. All of these things can bring your business to a stop, not to mention be embarrassing from a public relations standpoint.

If a website has been suspended for more than three (3) months, we remove (terminate) the hosting account from our network. This is done for several reasons:

1) If you haven’t renewed your website in this time frame, you no longer need the service;

2) Space and resources are being used on our server for said website without payment, thus using space we could allocate for other customers.

3) Suspended accounts contain your confidential data (email messages, database data, possibly customer orders, etc.) Out of concern for privacy and protection of this data, our policy is to terminate the account.

For these reasons, we recommend that you should always, always, always make sure that your account and billing information is up to date, as a lapse in payment could result in suspension.

Your website is your business.  It is how your customers see you. It is how you promote what you do.  It is important for the revenue of your business and how you reach your demographics.

To fix billing issues, you can call us during business hours,  877-HOST-503 x3, or by logging into our customer portal at, where you can update your billing information or open any tickets for our team to assist.  For security reasons, we do not accept credit card numbers via email. If you have a billing issue that is not addressed here or cannot be solved via the Customer Portal, please open a ticket.  Our Billing Team is happy to assist.

Your business is important to us! We want to keep your site online and working, so you can run a successful online presence, and we do not take any pleasure in your account being suspended for a billing issue.