Dedicated and Cloud Services

Canvas Host offers a range of dedicated and cloud-based hosting services, for advanced or custom web hosting needs. Whether you need a semi-dedicated virtual private server, a high-end dedicated server or clustered build, or want to colocate your own equipment in our renewably-powered data facility, we have dedicated services designed for you.

Virtual Private Servers

Take advantage of a dedicated environment without the high pricetag! Our VPS servers offer fractional dedicated space on a fast, robust, no-oversell Web server. A VPS provides impressive performance and can optionally support cPanel VPS for complete VPS server administration.

Dedicated Servers

For private and high-end applications, we offer a complete line of dedicated servers featuring the latest in efficiency. Whether you need a dual-core mini server or an eight-core hyperthreaded powerhouse, our line of dedicated servers are priced affordably and deliver unmatched performance.

Green Dedicated Servers

Our greener mini line of servers offer reliable performance at an unbeatable price tag. Our mini servers perform with impressive energy savings. Our most efficient model, a dual core server weighing less than two pounds, requires less 0.2 Amps of energy to run!

Server Colocation

If you have your own server hardware and are looking to colocate it sustainably, we offer a la carte colocation services. Whether you need 1U or a full rack of space, 1Mbps or 100Mbps+ of bandwidth, we can support your colocation needs.

Server Monitoring

We offer a range of immediate monitoring, reporting, and notification services that track the performance and health of your virtual private or dedicated server.

Cloud Hosting — Coming Soon!

Under development are a range of cloud-based hosting options: Data backup and disaster contigency services; VM/VPS servers; Cloud-based cPanel hosting services; a range of operating systems; And other hybrid cloud offerings. For details, contact us to learn the latest!