Server Monitoring and Support

Canvas Host monitors all of the physical and virtual private servers throughout our network. Based on customer input we have received over the years, we now offer the following range of a la carte monitoring services that let you directly monitor your own servers!


Basic server monitoring with alerts

This service provides a web-based interface for graphing and setting up alerts for various services, including ping, server load, and services up/down.

Alert notifications are configured to be sent to an email address you specify. If your mobile phone is set up to receiving text messages sent to the phone’s “email address” (such as, for AT&T mobile users), and offers “unlimited” texting, then we can configure alerts to be sent to you as text messages.

The cost for this service is $14.99/month, with discounts offered for terms greater than one year when paid up front.

* Plan Discounts

  • Save 30% off the monthly price, on a 3-year term when paid in advance.
  • Optionally, save 20% off the monthly price, on a 2-year term when paid in advance.
  • Or, save 10% off the monthly price, on a 1-year term when paid in advance.
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  • Server Monitoring
  • Private, browser-based console
  • Monitor up to 8 different services
  • Customizable per your needs
  • Email and text message notifications
  • $14.99/month
  • As low as $8.39/month*
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Monthly server patching

Dedicated servers require regular patching and maintenance to ensure they have the latest operating system updates, cPanel settings, and PHP versioning, along with firewall adjustments, spam control, and database adjustments based on historic server load. This is typically work performed that would be done for you by your own systems administrator (sys admin). We developed this service to help customers who do not have their own sys admin.

Depending on the amount and type of server patching, the cost for this ranges $50-80 per month.

Additional systems administration

Additional systems administration is available as needed. Types of work could include: Deep server scanning, server log analysis, operating system rebuilding, etc. It could also include help cleaning up a website that has been hacked or which infected the server with malware. Generally speaking, this is the type of work you will know you need, because your server is offline or non-responsive, and the outage is due to something in the operating system or software level, and not a hardware failure.

The rate for additional systems administration is $100/hour.