Web Design Prices

Canvas Host provides complete web hosting and design services. This rate sheet is provided help you understand our web design prices and the types of services we charge for, versus what is provided at no additional cost as technical support for hosting services.

The basic rule is this:

  • If you ask us to help you with something that can be done using Cpanel’s built-in control panel, such as setting up email accounts, adjusting spam filters, or scheduling cron jobs, we will not charge you for this help.
  • If you ask us to touch your website’s file structure, look at or manipulate website code, or manage MySQL databases, then that crosses into what we consider consulting work, and we will charge you for this help.
web design pricing


Minimum Project Fees

We understand that some businesses may not have a large budget and try to keep project fees low. Still, we need to assess a $250 minimum fee simply to cover payroll costs and project management time that is incurred with every project.

If you are an existing client of Canvas Host, depending on the nature of your request (such as ongoing or follow-on work), we may waive the minimum project fee.

How We Bill

All billable time is billed by the hour, in 30-minute increments, with a 1-hour minimum. If we work for 20 minutes on a task, we will invoice you for 30 minutes of time. If we work for two minutes on a task, you will still be billed for 30 minutes. There may be cases where we waive the 30-minute minimum, such as ongoing requests as part of a larger project. But overall, if you ask us to perform some work, and it’s something you would ordinarily have to pay a freelance designer or webmaster to do for you, then you should be prepared to pay us as well for that time.

We offer differing rates, based on whether you are a client hosted within Canvas Host’s network, or have a website hosted by a third party provider. External project work will incur a higher fee, due to unknown variables in the hosting environment, and limitations of tools and resources needed by our team to perform the work.

Web Design Rates

  • Web Design and Development includes such services as building a new website, setting up a new WordPress framework, or installing plugins or shopping carts. If you host with us, our rate is $80/hour. Otherwise, our rate is $120/hour.
  • Webmastering can include content updates, creating new WordPress pages, or uploading images to your website. If you host with us, our rate is $60/hour. Otherwise, our rate is $90/hour.
  • Training, in which we answer questions about using your website, or meet on-site to educate or train you in its use, is offered on request. If you host with us, our rate is $60/hour. Otherwise, our rate is $90/hour.
  • Project Management may including scheduling meetings with you, answering questions about website themes, or general communications with you about the project. If you host with us, our rate is $50/hour. Otherwise, our rate is $75/hour.

Additional Consulting Rates

  • Search Engine Optimization is where we improve your website’s structure and content flow to appear higher in search engine results. If you host with us, our rate is $60/hour. Otherwise, our rate is $90/hour.
  • Social Media Management is where we manage your social media accounts and overall social presence. If you host with us, our rate is $80/hour. Otherwise, our rate is $120/hour.
  • Online Advertising is when we manage services for you such as paid Google Ads, Facebook promotions, and Twitter advertising. If you host with us, our rate is $80/hour. Otherwise, our rate is $120/hour.

Package Pricing

  • Social Media Content, in which you hire us to help structure your online communications, schedule pre-scripted content links, set up timely social media posts, research and hook into relevant RSS feeds for retweets, publish and respond to online comments from your followers, is billed with packages starting from $199/month.
  • Website SSL Conversions, in which you hire us to convert your website to SSL, and in which we convert all existing links, image and resource file references in your website to use https:// in the address bar for security and search engine friendliness, is billed at between $199 and $399 per website. This is a specialized service and rates are subject to vary, depending entirely on the size and complexity of your website.
  • Monthly Webmastering Retainers, in which you hire us for a block of “use it or lose it” website management time, is billed from $199/month for up to 4 hours of time, with additional time billed at $50/hour.

As we provide a complete range of services, if there is something you’re looking for that isn’t details here, chances are we can either provide it, or know of someone in our network of thousands of customers that can and whom we trust to refer to you. Please contact us with any questions about these and other services we provide.