PCI Compliance and E-Commerce

As a business owner, your priority is on building and growing your business. It’s a proven fact that if you sell products and could sell them online but don’t, you’re missing out on a much larger market and audience that is willing, ready, and able to buy from you.

All you need is an effective e-commerce Web site and the merchant services to connect you with billions of online shoppers.

Canvas Host offers complete e-commerce services to take the hassle out of getting your storefront online effectively and securely. From instant-install shopping carts to PCI Compliance, SSL certificates to merchant accounts, we have the expertise and experience to help get you online quickly and affordably.

PCI Compliant Web Hosting

Successful online stores are secure, and increasingly their merchant service providers are requiring a merchant’s site to be hosted in a high-security environment. We offer specialized hosting plans to ensure you meet your merchant provider’s requirements.

Shopping Cart Systems

A number of popular, one-click-install applications are available for our standard hosting environment. For higher-security, PCI-Compliant hosting, we can help you choose from robust carts systems that can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

SSL Certificates

Securing your Web site begins by protecting data that passes between your customers and shopping cart. We offer a number of affordable SSL Certificates to encrypt your customer’s data and ensure that when they purchase from your Web site, their data is secure.

Merchant Accounts

To accept credit card payments from your customers, you need a merchant account. What’s more, that account needs to be compatible with your Web site’s shopping cart system, so you can take payments through your Web site. We’re proud to be the official Web hosting partner of IonPOS Merchant Services.

PCI-DSS Compliance Requirements

Merchants are increasingly being required to meet stringent security standards in place by their merchant service providers and the Payment Card Industry as a whole. We’ve put together helpful information to help you understand what PCI Compliance is all about, what you need to become compliant, and how we can help get you there.

E-Commerce Consulting and Development

With so many things involved with building and operating a secure e-commerce Web site, where do you begin? By contacting us. Canvas Host has helped many customers through the process of building a safe, affordable, and successful online storefront.