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Think social media is the best way to communicate with your customers? Think again. Email marketing has been proven to be a powerful and effective means to connect with your customers. Canvas.Email provides comprehensive email marketing, responsive templates, and powerful metrics to get your message to your users regardless of platform, device, or social media channel.Canvas.Email was developed with a simple objective: To get your message in front of your readers with little hassle and great results.With social media now leading to social exhaustion, social media advocates are returning to the proven success of email marketing to reach a dedicated audience. With Facebook only showing readers 7% of the content they are subscribed to see, wouldn’t you rather invest your advertising money in a service that can reach 100% of your audience?

Canvas.Email is simple to use.

We offer pre-built, responsive templates designed for desktop and mobile users alike. Our systems analyze your email message as you compose it and offer real-time feedback, so you know of potential problems and how to fix them before you send out your message. You can even run A/B campaigns to find which email subjects and contents are best received by your readers. After your sendout, real-time analytics tell you who received your message, who read your message, and what they clicked on.



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Canvas.Email plans are competitively with national service providers, flexible for your needs, and affordable for your marketing budget.


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