Email marketing plans and pricing

Canvas.Email is competitively priced against national email marketing services

Our plans pricing is structured based not on what you could send to your subscribers nor the size of your subscriber list, but what you do send to your subscribers. Our plans are priced on how many emails you send in a given month, and based on an assumed average 4 email send-outs per month to your subscribers.

We do NOT charge you based on the size of your subscriber/contact list.

Example: Plan A lets you send out 1,000 emails each month. This is based on a contact list size of 250 subscribers, and that you will send out four emails in a given month. If you have a contact list of 1,000 subscribers and only send them one email per month, Plan A will also work for you.

Included in our plans: Free storage and free surveys. National vendors typically charge an additional fee for each of these.

Plans and Pricing

Plan Contacts (estimated)
Emails/Mo. As low as…
Free Surveys Free Storage
A Up to 250 1,000 $5.25/mo Order Now
B Up to 625 2,500 $10.50/mo Order Now
C Up to 1,250 5,000 $17.50/mo Order Now
D Up to 2,500 10,000 $28.00/mo Order Now
E Up to 6,250 25,000 $52.50/mo Order Now
F Up to 12,500 50,000 $69.30/mo Order Now
G Up to 18,750 75,000 $87.50/mo Order Now
H Up to 25,000 100,000 $105.00/mo Order Now
I Up to 31,250 125,000 $122.50/mo Order Now
J Up to 37,500 150,000 $140.00/mo Order Now
K Up to 50,000 200,000 $157.50/mo Order Now
L Up to 62,500 250,000 $175.00/mo Order Now
M Up to 75,000 300,000 $210.00/mo Order Now