Caring For Ourselves And Others: Preventing Food Waste

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Caring For Ourselves And Others: Preventing Food Waste

September 6, 2017
6 pm to 8 pm
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Pam Vergun
Program Educator

Washington County Solid Waste and Recycling Program

Both locally and worldwide, most people end up wasting food even though we don’t mean to. We often end up wasting a lot of food. Not only does this hurt us economically, it hurts the environment as resources are wasted and harms the community when people go hungry.

The Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge is an opportunity for individuals and families to save money and contribute to our communities just by reducing the amount of food they waste and keeping food fresher longer. This program provides easy tips and helpful tools to assist individuals and families in reducing the amount of food they are inadvertently wasting at home.

Pam will talk about the issue of food waste, share some easy-to-do tips, invite attendees to take the challenge, and give away free tools to make it even easier.

Pam will also show attendees a short Powerpoint presentation, and a segment of Just Eat It, an award-winning film addressing food waste from farm, through retail, and right back to your own fridge. We’ll provide links to the complete film at the end of the night.

$5 at the door, food and drink included.

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