Server colocation

Our Portland data facility offers the highest grade of server colocation services available in the State of Oregon and is powered by sustainable wind energy.

Shared Colocation Space

Our standard service involves colocating your equipment alongside other clients’ hardware in a shared, fully-enclosed and locked, fan-cooled 48U (rack unit) cabinet. Our shared colocation plans are designed for clients having less than 20U of equipment.

Fully redundant, UPS-backed, conditioned electricity is included in each shared colocation plan.

Every piece of equipment you colocate is plugged into an industrial-grade, switched, metered Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with a secure, Web-based login so you can remote reboot your equipment whenever needed.

Standard Colocation

Plan Features Price
1U (1 rack unit),1Mbps monthly bandwidth (data transfer), 1Amp electricity (120V AC) $99

A La Carte Colocation

Our à la carte plans offer flexible rack space and bandwidth for your custom needs.

A La Carte Rack Space Monthly Rate Additional Rack Space
1U (1 rack unit) $50 $50 per U
5U $225 $45 per U
10U $400 $40 per U
20U $700 Call
Full Cabinet (w/20A circuit) Call Call


A La Carte Bandwidth* Monthly Rate Price per Mbps
1Mbps (~320GB) $75.00 $75.00
2Mbps (~640GB) $120.00 $60.00
5Mbps (~1600GB) $225.00 $45.00
10Mbps (~3200GB) $425.00 $42.50
20Mbps (~6400GB) $800.00 $40.00
30Mbps (~9600GB) $1125.00 $37.50
40Mbps (~12800GB) $1400.00 $35.00
50Mbps+ Call Call


Included Services
1 IP Address per server/item
1 AMP Electricity (120V AC)
1 Hour Access during business hours
Remote Reboot


Optional Services
Additional IP Addresses $3 per IP/mo.
Additional Electricity (@120V AC) $45 per Amp /mo.
Emergency / After-Hours Access $150 per hour
Port Filtering and Consulting $150 per hour
Secure Data Backup $1 per GB /mo.


One-time Setup Fees
Single Server (we install) $100
Multiple Servers (we install) $75 per server/item

* Premium Redundant Bandwidth

We have premium Gigabit bandwidth through four major tier-1 backbones: AT&T, MCI, Sprint, and Level 3. This translates to incredibly fast access time, with redundant connections to guarantee accessibility. Unlike some providers that oversell bandwidth, we guarantee your use of the bandwidth you pay for.

Bandwidth is measured in Megabits transferred per second, sampled every 5 minutes on the industry standard 95th Percentile. The top 5% of all traffic spikes are discounted, with the remaining 95% of all transfer used to calculate the average Mbps for the month. 1Mbps is roughly equal to 328 Gigabytes of data transferred over the course of one month. Depending on the traffic patterns of the web sites you host, the 95th Percentile reporting may be slightly higher or lower than your server’s actual bandwidth usage.

Additional Services: Private Colocation Cabinets

For larger clients with greater colocation rackspace needs, Canvas Host offers private, 48U colocation cabinets.

We provide Cat-6 or fiber optic network drops via a switch panel mounted directly into the cabinet for your use, and securely cross-connected to one of our core colocation switches.

Each full cabinet space includes one, 120V AC, 20A circuit. Additional electrical circuits are available.

As with our shared colocation, we provide industrial-grade PDUs with switched and metered power controls, enabling you to remotely reboot your equipment securely from any web browser.

Additional Services: High-Security Caged Racks and Full Cages

For clients in need of colocation with the highest level of security, Canvas Host offers both shared and private, locked, caged racks in our ultra high security center. Entry to the facility is guarded by two biometric hand-scanner checkpoints, accessible only by Canvas Host personnel.

FLS (fire, life, safety) systems include early warning laser Vesda, FM 200 gas suppression, dry pipe preaction, smoke detectors above and below the raised floor, 64 surveillance cameras, and 24/7 monitoring of all infrastructure components.

More Information

If you would like to learn more about our Oregon colocation services, simply call us at 800.574.4299, or contact us online so we can better understand your requirements.