Statement of Solidarity

To anyone we’ve ever helped, currently support, or hope to work with in the future, I say to you: Keep dreaming.

Don’t stop hoping for a better world, or thinking about a brighter future. Keep dreaming.

Don’t dismay at your failures. Learn from them and see the silver linings of the things you did right. Keep dreaming.

Don’t stop challenging yourself to be a better you, or helping lift up someone who has fallen down. Keep dreaming.

Don’t stop rejoicing in your daily successes. Keep dreaming.

Don’t stop helping those around you who cannot help themselves. Keep dreaming.

Don’t stop loving those around you, especially those who have wronged you. Keep dreaming.

Don’t stop fighting against oppression, or advocating for equality and social justice. Keep dreaming.

Don’t stop all that you are doing. Take a break, catch your breath, and get right back in there. Keep dreaming.

Our parent brand, Canvas Dreams, was founded on an idea that dreams make everything possible. We’ve applied this belief throughout our business since the start, and will never shift away from it. I want to encourage you to choose the path that makes everything possible. Keep dreaming.

Today, we live in a divided and uncertain world. Though many great things are happening, many awful things are also happening. It is up to each of us to remind ourselves of our values and strengths, to stand strong in the face of adversity and be a light for others to follow. The storms we face will pass, and there are yet many bright days ahead of us.

Canvas Host stands with you. We welcome and support customers of all walks of life. We do not discriminate, period. If we are to have a common future, we must uphold an open space of honest communication, devoid of judgment, and empowering of all voices.

So please, keep dreaming. Let us help bring them to reality.

Thank you,

David Anderson

David Anderson

This blog is published by David Anderson, Principal and owner of Canvas Host.