Certified B Corporation

People Using Business As A Force For Good

What’s a Certified B Corporation?

As a B Corporation, we champion ethics and transparency throughout our business.

B Corporation (B Corp) status is legally bound to our Articles of Incorporation. Our company management must uphold ethics, honesty, and integrity in all decision making. We are committed to the highest quality service and caring customer support. We want to help our clients achieve their goals, while promoting sustainable causes that help our community and environment.

  • Since 2010, Canvas Host has been a B Corporation. Check out our B Report to see our score and areas we’re working to improve upon!

The Change We Seek

Our company’s two most precious resources are technology and knowledge. As a Certified B Corporation, we apply them in such a way to help our business achieve our sustainability goals, while also improving the quality of life for our clients and the environmental impact of our collective businesses. Finally, we champion social and environmental stewardship in the way all business is conducted, to encourage others to follow in our path and create measurable, positive change in the world.

Why Canvas Host Became a B Corporation

Certification separates the walkers from the talkers. Greenwashing and misleading tactics are rampant in our industry, so it isn’t enough to say a business is doing good — we need to prove it.

B Corporation certification gives us the transparency we need to prove to you we’re more than talk; We’re walking this path to sustainable website hosting; We’re with you every step of the way; And you can hold us accountable to the values we uphold.