Corporate social responsibility

At Canvas Host, each of our team members has a responsibility to respect everyone with whom we interact.

It is fostered in the relationships we establish with our customers. They are neither numbers nor dollar signs. They are individuals. Families. Small business owners. Clients. They entrust us with the security of their online business and count on our reliability to deliver world class services to ensure they can do the same for their own customers.

It is advanced in our continual drive towards more efficient technologies. The increasing development of cleaner, greener Web servers that generate less physical and energy waste is proof that many companies share in our view of a sustainable future for our industry.

It is practiced in our day-to-day business activities. We understand that our operating decisions directly impact the environment around us. By taking an aggressive stance on recycling, purchasing 100% new and renewable wind energy to power our business, and choosing to carpool and take mass transit whenever possible, these simple decisions, collectively, can become a powerful force in the move towards sustainable business.

We understand that our company is only limited by the extent to which we can dream of a better tomorrow. That is why we at Canvas Host are always looking to improve ourselves and our services, so that we can lead our clients to a better, more environmentally friendly future.

We choose to offer our clients the highest levels of quality and integrity, to earn their trust and to protect our environment. It is not a political statement. It is simply a philosophy of doing what is right.

That is the goal of Canvas Host’s commitment to corporate responsibility.