Green Drinks Networking Events

Green Drinks (GD) is a series of events focusing on sustainability, green initiatives, and learning opportunities. Each month, more than 500 Green Drinks events take place at different locations across the planet.

Canvas Host is proud to organize and sponsor local events. Each occur on the second Wednesday of each month, and will vary in location:

Portland (PDX GD) is held throughout Portland, typically a pub or large meeting space sponsored by the location host.

Westside (Westside GD) is held throughout Beaverton, such as a pub or area business.

Green Drinks events offer attendees a two-hour space in which to network and connect with like-minded people, businesses, and elected leaders. For the first half-hour, we encourage introductions and networking. Around 6:30pm, we introduce a featured speaker who focuses on current events, political developments, or environmental matters of concern to the local community. A lively Q&A session often follows, with the balance of the evening left for additional networking.

Past speakers include Portland Mayor Sam Adams; Portland Mayor Charlie Hales; State Representative Earl Blumenauer; Secretary of State Kate Brown (currently Oregon Governor); Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle; and many more.

Secretary of State Kate Brown (2nd left of center), at PDX Green Drinks about B Corporations.

Secretary of State Kate Brown spoke at PDX Green Drinks about benefit companies and B Corporations.

State Representative Earl Blumenauer at Portland Green Drinks.

State Representative Earl Blumenauer led a fired-up group addressing concerns such as coal export, outside investment in Portland, and of course, craft brewing at a packed Portland Cider House!

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales at Portland Green Drinks.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales presented before a big Portland Green Drinks crowd at the Oregon Public House on matters of bicycle safety, small business development, and homeless concerns.

Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle, at Westside Green Drinks

Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle, presenting on sustainable business initiatives at Westside Green Drinks.

Canvas Host operates these events under the Assumed Business Name of Green Drinks, LLC. Though we try to keep events free or low cost, there may be times when we ask a $5-10 entrance fee per attendee to help cover overhead of planning, staff resources and supplies that go into each event. In such situations, we’ll publish advance notice of the fees, and payment can be made by cash or credit card at the door.

On the sidebar of this page are upcoming events. We hope you can attend one and welcome you to participate!

Thank you,

David and Angela Anderson