Since November 2009, Canvas Host has refined on a approach to “sustainable business”. We have since focused it down to what we have named The Three C’s of Sustainability:

Conversation, Community, and Commerce

The idea is simple. Through conversation one builds trust and community, and from community will naturally flow commerce. This approach rightfully embraces the human connection as a core requirement for sustainable business. Through a nurtured network of trust and community, a business can construct for itself a closed-loop system to which it gives and invests in its supply chain and clients, and from which it may draw sustainable commerce.

As a media company that is entrusted with the support and delivery of service for thousands of Web sites, Canvas Host continuously manages information. We also read lots of our customers’ blogs. An idea hit us not long ago, that we could help connect and promote our customers and their businesses to each other, but also create a service that serves as an entry point to learning about the community (our customer base) that we have nurtured over the years.

In preparation for the June 5-6, 2010 Seattle Green Festival, we launched a new service that to us encompasses everything we’ve been working on: is a free, syndicated news service comprised entirely of blog updates from our customers. The site provides an instant snapshot of our client community through updated “summary” posts syndicated in real time from customer blogs. At the end of each summary article is a link to the full post on the contributor’s Web site. No third-party advertising appears on

Why We Created

As a Web host, Canvas Host continuously works to provide better service and support to its clients. We constantly research new technologies, design cleaner and more efficient servers, and take customer suggestions to heart by putting them into action. It’s what any service provider does when it cares about its customers and their wellbeing.

On this philosophy of customer service was founded Drawing on core goals of sustainable business, aims to connect members of the Canvas Host community — our customers — while bringing new awareness to their businesses by promoting their news and blog posts in a comprehensive community service open to the larger public.

Designed to Drive You More Traffic

Beyond the quickly-growing reader base already visiting, all articles are resyndicated into brief Tweets on our Twitter account. Following the site on Twitter is a great and easy way to get quick updates on all content appearing on the site. Twitter posts are retweeted by interested readers, further driving traffic to the site and your blog content. Ultimately, everything we’ve implemented for has been done for a single purpose: to drive more traffic to our customers’ Web sites and blogs.

How to Participate in is open to all Canvas Host customers. All you need to participate is to be a customer of our services and run an active blog, preferrably hosted on our network (but not required). Then contact us with the URL to your blog’s RSS feed. We’ll take it from there, scanning your blog, categorizing your posts, and incorporating your “summary” headline and contents of recent posts into our syndicated newsfeed service.

Whether you have a shared hosting plan, are a hosting reseller, run a dedicated server, or colocate your equipment at our data facility, is designed for you. If you are a reseller or dedicated customer, your own customers can even participate — simply let them know about this service and we can assist you from there. is a simple service with great potential. If you are already a customer of Canvas Host and haven’t yet joined the service, we hope you will consider enriching by participating in this program. If you are not a customer but would like to learn more, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.