Waste reduction

Canvas Host has taken steps to reduce our consumption of resources, re-use equipment, and recycle materials from the operation our company as much as possible, as part of our business waste reduction program.

Equipment Re-Use

The standard Web server has an expected shelf life of about three years of stable performance. After this timespan is reached, components may start to wear down and fail, including power supplies, hard drives, RAM, and even CPUs and motherboards. When a component of our network has reached the end of its optimal lifetime, we try to put it to good use by providing non-critical services as a gameserver or development box.

Aggressive Recycling

All of our paper and cardboard is regularly recycled. Metal and other items are recycled at Portland-area drop-offs.

All styrofoam, hard plastic, LDPE, and plastic bags, are recycled through Far West Fibers, a recognized regional recycler in Beaverton, Oregon.

E-waste recycling is also handled through Far West Fibers.

Laser toner cartridges are recycled through the local Office Depot.


We offer employer-paid mass-transit passes to all staff to help reduce our use of fuel.

Marketing Collateral and Paper Reduction

All of our marketing collateral is printed using soy-based ink and low-VOC UV coating on minimum 30% recycled paper.

Whenever possible, we utilize paperless invoicing and payment processes to further minimize waste.