WordPress Website Support and Maintenance

WordPress Website Support and Maintenance

Plan Highlights

  • Regular updates to WordPress and plugins
  • Security checks for hacks and vulnerabilities
  • 1/2 hour of monthly consulting

Plan Cost

  • $50/month (discounts on annual, bi-annual, and triennial plan terms)
  • Additional development: $100/hour
  • One-time tune-up: $75

If you have a WordPress website and need regular WordPress Support or maintenance performed, Canvas Host can help.

For $50/month, we keep your WordPress install up to date, review and update your plugins, and advise on deprecated plugins that should be replaced or deleted. As part of this maintenance plan, we include a 1/2 hour “use it or lose it” consultation each month, and can assist with regular tasks like changing your WordPress password or making incremental backups. If you have questions about WordPress, want some advice on new templates or plugins, or just want to share some ideas with us, it’s all included.

A one-time tune-up is available for $75.

Additional services, such as adding pages or content, posting information to the website, researching new plugins, changing your theme or website appearance, are available at $100/hour.

If you don’t keep your WordPress installation updated, we can’t guarantee it will continue to work in our hosting environment. It may become hacked, or slow down, or become buggy. We’ve designed this maintenance plan specifically to take the hassle out of keeping your WordPress website updated.

Please note that if you have a custom template, have modified any of the WordPress source code directly, or other things that may “break” if we update the installation, then this maintenance plan may not be right for you. Additionally, not every plugin will update, so if you’ve purchased a plugin, you will want to verify it is forwards compatible, before selecting this maintenance plan.

Please contact our Sales team for complete details on this service, at (800) 574-4299 or by email at sales@canvashost.com, to learn about our services.