WordPress Website Support and Maintenance

WordPress Website Support and Maintenance

If you have a WordPress website and need regular WordPress Support or maintenance performed, Canvas Host can help!

WordPress Managed Support Highlights

  • Managed updates to your WordPress website, plugins, and theme
  • Managed backups before each update
  • Personalized usability check to ensure compatibility of updates
  • Automated security checks for hacks and vulnerabilities

WordPress Managed Support Pricing

Pricing varies based on how often you wish for your WordPress website to be updated:

  • Once per month: $25
  • Twice per month: $45
  • Three times per month: $65
  • Four times per month: $80
  • Additional design and development services: $60-80/hour
  • One-time Website tune-up: $99

For multiple websites, we can offer a 20% total discount for all services.

What we’ll do for you:

We will keep your WordPress website up to date, review and update your plugins, and advise on deprecated plugins that should be replaced or deleted. We’ll make backups of each website prior to updating, and roll-back if we determine the updates have broken your website and/or are incompatible with your plugins.

If we determine your website has been hacked due to a code vulnerability, we will notify you of our findings to determine how best to proceed. We do offer hack-repair and security advice at $60/hour, which is far below market rate and what other hosting provides currently charge.

Additionally, if you have questions about WordPress, want some advice on new themes or plugins, or just want to share some ideas with us, it’s all included. Just ask us and we’ll be happy to chat.

Finally, a one-time Website tuneup is available for just $99. We’ll update your code, ensure that your plugins are running smoothly and that your theme is working well, and advise if we find anything awry.

Additional services, such as adding pages or content, posting information to the website, researching new plugins, changing your theme or website appearance, are available at $60-80/hour.

If you don’t keep your WordPress installation updated, we can’t guarantee it will continue to work in our hosting environment. It may become hacked, or slow down, or become buggy. We’ve designed this line of WordPress support services to take the hassle out of keeping your WordPress website updated and secured.

Removal Of Malicious Content (Website Hacks)

In the specific case of website hacks, our expert staff can step in to clean up and malicious files and or specific code that may have been injected into your website’s framework. This includes a thorough check of your entire file structure and databases. We also make sure that any CMS assets (such as WordPress versions, themes and plugins for example) are up-to-date.

This service is priced competitively at $60-80 per hour. In most cases a hack cleanup will take 1-2 hours to complete. Depending on the complexity and scope of the hack, it may take longer. Before performing any work on your website, we will provide you a quote for your consideration.

Please note: If you have a custom theme have modified any of the WordPress source code directly, or other things that may “break” if we update the installation, then our maintenance services may not be right for you. Additionally, not every plugin will update, so if you’ve purchased a plugin, you will want to verify it is forwards compatible, before selecting a maintenance plan.

Please contact our Sales team for complete details on this service, at (800) 574-4299 or by email at sales@canvashost.com, to learn about our services.